Advice for Installing a Whirlpool Bath in Your Home

While many of us may dream of installing a whirlpool bath in our home for that luxurious spa experience theres a lot more to it than you might realize. Here are some tips on how to approach it and what to look out for when installing a whirlpool bath in your home.

A whirlpool bath comes with jets which produce air bubbles in the water, which provides that wonderfully soothing bubbling experience we love. There is a wide range of whirlpool baths from square to oval and almost any shape you can imagine, so youll need to carefully consider which style will best fit with your bathroom design and layout in terms of style and practicality.

Size is crucial

The size of the whirlpool bath is a critical factor especially if you intend to share it with your partner; make sure it will accommodate you both comfortably.

Spa systems

Most whirlpool baths come with a water pump, a jetted air system and a water heater. Its essential that these are tested before proceeding to installation. Fixing any teething problems will be much easier before these systems are located in situ beneath or inside the tub. Tip: in the case of freestanding whirlpool baths, often items such as pumps and heaters cannot be installed under the bath itself, so alternative locations will have to be selected. Depending on the layout of your bathroom this might be a limiting factor. It might be wiser to opt for a sunken bath or built-in whirlpool in order to hide the essential mechanics.





If youre lucky enough to have a large bathroom with a good view consider the best location for the whirlpool before installing it. Theres nothing nicer than relaxing with a great view out of the window but if thats not possible, consider the next best alternative in terms of what youll be staring at when soaking in the tub. It might even be worth considering an alternative shape or style of bath in order to end up with a better position and more pleasing view.

Whirlpool capacity

While a massive whirlpool bath may seem appealing at first glance you need to consider the capacity of your existing water heater and tank. Theres nothing worse than a limited capacity tank and system working overtime to fill a massive whirlpool it will detract from the pleasure of using it if you have to wait too long for it to fill.

Theres no doubt that installing a whirlpool bath in your home adds a touch of luxury and can allow you to enjoy your very own spa days in the comfort of your own home. Just ensure youve considered all the important aspects of installation before making your final purchasing decision.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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