Classic furniture that go wrong

There is furniture, say, of all life that seems to never go out of fashion. Reinvent themselves and adapt to new styles and trends but if you bet they sure that you are getting it right. Today we review those classical pieces, as always, you sure get your current decor give a very special touch.

Sofa Chester

The Chester sofa is that as decorative as apparently uncomfortable furniture, but is ideal for a decoration with a lot of personality. British – born, it was designed for social clubs of men, to encourage an upright posture when sitting … Right now we can see in any environment, printing elegance and sophistication in many styles and colors, but with the same essence as always.

Classic furniture
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Chaise longue

Within the range of sofas are another classic: the chaise longue. This comfortable and universal furniture that has a lot of presence where you place it, since by its size and design is very decorative while functional, as it allows you to design a reading corner or a place to watch TV comfortably.


Another classic cut with furniture you’re going to hit or yes regardless of where you place it. This is the wingback chairs, armchairs you will serve to decorate a special place you can devote to reading and relaxation, for example or simply to dress up your bedroom with a twist, or an office or living room. You can play with stamping upholstery to give a more modern or more classic touch, but always fit right.

Classic furniture
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A nice cupboard in your kitchen becomes an essential piece to decorate your home. It combines great in environments vintage, for example, or in a country decor and you’ll see what touch more special, warm and cozy get to your home with this piece of great personality. But not only can it be placed in the kitchen, because it can be a beautiful library, a closet for a child’s bedroom or a practical storage cabinet in the dining area for your living room.

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The dresser

Another sure hit. A comfortable in your bedroom helps you to keep this space in order with style. The you find very different designs that can be adapted to the decor of your home, choosing the more curved or more inbred lines and endings materials, among others.

Classic furniture
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Classic chairs

With classic chairs I am referring to those of Louis XV and Louis XVI, very elegant and with a lot of personality chairs, which will look great in a traditional setting and give you a very cool touch if you incorporate a modern decor and can combine both styles decorative tastefully. A reinterpretation of these pieces are Ghost chairs, designer Philippe Stark, ideal for your living room or an office.


Not that it’s my favorite decorative piece but the truth is that there are current designs that are truly wonderful. You can give it a chic touch to your living room if you give with the appropriate lamp lighting classical origins dating back to the fifteenth century and into the eighteenth century began using glass in their designs as elaborate.

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