Solutions to common decorating problems

Did you just move out and you have to completely decorate your new home? Are you thinking of redecorating a room in your home? Your house urgently needs reform? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should be very attentive to what we tell you then, as today we will give you information that will be helpful.

What today we do it is propose some solutions to the problems that often arise when we get down working with the decor of any room. Of course, first of all we recommend that you analyze well the characteristics of space: size, shape, irregular, natural light … Once you have studied the place, you may have to face the following decorative quibbles. Can you come with us?

Decoration tips
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Shortage square meters

One of the most common problems is the shortage decorative square meters, especially in homes that are located in cities. In these cases, it is best to bet on the clear color walls and ceilings, as these visually enlarge the space. Undoubtedly, the color that can help you is white. It is also a good idea to clearly probably go for pieces of furniture hues, but you must include strokes in other tones through textiles and decorative accessories.

Beyond choosing light colors when decorating small rooms we recommend not to saturate the space, adding only the parts essential. The best furniture for these rooms are custom – made, and taking advantage of the space to the maximum, although it is also a good idea to opt for pieces of folding transformable and multifunctional furniture: convertible consoles dining tables, beds with storage base, sofas with storage … of course, it is also good idea to choose reflective materials and removing doors and walls.

Decoration tips
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Scarcity of natural light

Another typical problem is the lack of natural light though fortunately, carrying out a series of measures we can get this hardly noticed. In this sense, the ideal is to provide the space adequate artificial light. Moreover, in these cases it is necessary to maximize the little light that enters the room. How? For a good idea to do without curtains, but if you need to protect from prying eyes you can also opt for fabric curtains light and light colors. Moreover, it is important that you consider both light colors and reflective materials will help to reflect light.

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Excessively large space

Although people living in households with few square meters do not mind at all having to face decoration excessively large rooms, the fact is that these spaces can be quite problematic, because if you do not succeeds with decoration the result may be too cold and soulless. Thus, when decorating excessively large spaces we recommend choose furniture pieces provided to the dimensions (you do not ever choose small furniture), divide the space into different areas and add warm tones to subtract the coldness of this type of spaces.

Decoration tips
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Irregular rooms

Another problem we face is irregular shapes in the rooms: vaulted ceilings, columns, rounded walls … If you cannot do anything to get rid of such irregularities; the best thing is that you integrate decoration. In this sense, the furniture measure can help you; even in the market can also find furniture that fits certain spaces: corner backs, for sloping ceilings…

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