Choosing the Right Bottle Cooler

Whether you’re a bar owner, restaurant owner, or run a cafe with an alcohol licence, you’ll want to ensure you have the right bottle coolers for the job.
There are a wide range of commercial bottle coolers available on the market, and each offers something slightly different. Because of the breadth of the offer, it can be difficult initially to choose between the various models and brands available, and work out which price point is right for you. After all, will you really receive measurably greater value if you splash out on a 600 model, compared for a 250 model?

Choosing the Right Bottle Cooler

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The first step to finding the right bottle cooler for your needs is to look at what each model delivers, and where paying more will actually give you a feature you need. Be clear on your own requirements, space, objectives and budget. The market does have a large number of cheap brands available, but some can lack the robustness of functionality that you need to run a reliable, commercial operation.

Your primary objective

Additionally, although cheap models will offer the basic objective – to keep a bottle cool, and display it – the appearance will typically look cheap. Plastic component parts and shelves are common, and these easily crack and rapidly discolour. They will look shoddy and not give an attractive, high-end feel to your business premises. There are plenty of ways to save money in a business, but cheap materials and appliances should not be one of them.

Bear in mind too that old technologies are inefficient to run and not environmentally friendly. With most businesses now looking to improve their carbon credentials, this can be a serious concern.

Picking the right features

In terms of features that you are looking for, the following are well worth considering in order to get the right cooler for your business:

Firstly, you need to be sure how many bottles you can display. Commercial bottle coolers from Fridge Freezer Direct will typically have between one and three doors. You’ll need to measure up your available space to work out which will best suit you. Look at access too: this will help you to decide whether you need a hinged or sliding door. If you get a hinged cooler, it’s well worth investing in a self-closing model. These can save an awful lot of time on a busy night when trade is brisk. If the space available really is tight, consider whether you want a left or right hand hinge.

Your key decision-making criteria will likely focus on capacity. Most manufacturers will tell you how much capacity their coolers offer, and how many shelves can be used for the type of bottles you will be storing inside. Some models offer split shelves, which are very flexible and make great use of space, allowing cans and bottles to be displayed together.

Other useful features include metal door handles, a dust free condenser and door locks for security. The most attractive interiors tend to be aluminium – and chrome shelving looks beautiful and lasts the test of time. Look out too for energy efficiency ratings that tell you how energy efficient and low cost the appliance will be to run.

Nickolas Hunter

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