How to design a beautiful country wedding

Beautiful country wedding

Are you gettingmarried and still do not know how todecorate yourwedding?If you like the country styleis the time to take up this special day, because it allows a lot of very nice, romantic and special possibilities.

Today we discovered several ideas for giving the rural feel, with certain airvintage, too, your wedding day.Surely in such a beautiful environment it is impossible not to havefun.Would you like toknow how you can get it?Do not miss anything of what I tell you below.

Beautiful country wedding
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Nacelles fruit

Thewooden boxes of fruit, we know and are very practical in decor, are also spectacular in a country wedding.You can place several in the place where it is to officiate the ceremony, accompanied by some flowers, or even create a nice spot to place, for example, a candy, a camera to be able tomake photos, book signatures, to save some cornets rice to launch the bride andgroom, to put theseating planor simply for decoration.The same if you want touse pallets.

The wooden signs

Another idea that cannot miss in your country wedding decoration is wooden signs.When your guests arrive to that place outdoors where it takes place thelinkshould know where togo, so, use, and very aesthetic, may have a practical purpose.Although sometimes all arrows lead to thesame place…

A straw bales

Your country outdoor ceremony should welcome its guests as itdeserves.Place a straw bales to serve asa seatduring the ceremony.Surely there isno better way to say that is in the field …

Beautiful country wedding
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Flowers are one of the major players.The most suitable can be, for example,daisies, sunflowers, lavenderor any one type of flower can be found in this usually means.You can make very nice and fresh bouquets to place as center table, chairs or a special corner.The flowers give life, color and joy.

Country details

You can also include decorative details that evoke the countryside, for example, afew cans of jam or honey, some rustic textiles, wicker baskets, woodwork, tin, cork…

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Garlands and pennants

You know I really likewreaths and bannersand therefore, in your country wedding also think they can be great.You can complement themwith a torch orhanging bulbs.If youdo not look at this example, do not you think that gives a very cool touch to thedecorationof the link?

Beautiful country wedding
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Watering cans and wooden stairs

Creates acornerdesigned with awooden staircasevintageand, for example, awatering canstin in their steps, some with flowers, others with nothing … You see as all eyes turn to this here.

The table decorations

We have already seen that you can put some pretty flowers in your wedding tables, but you can also decorate withdishes with floral print, glass jars, a wooden covered … all very quiet!

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Nickolas Hunter

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