Architectural salvage essentials for 2016

People always look for ways to add character to their home and a great way to achieve this is through architectural salvaging. Hunting for long-forgotten gems is a growing trend, with people keen to purchase and repurpose a part of history and nostalgia.
By finding architectural salvage materials, you could potentially be buying one-of-a-kind items that give real distinction to your home. Recycling and restoring beautiful and unique features such as tiles, windows, doors and chimney places are a popular pastime.

Architectural salvage essentials for 2016

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Another growing area is that of reclaimed pub artefacts. You can find antique bar furniture in London and other areas in the UK.

Many people have turned salvaging into a business and there is money to be made if you can find the right piece. The television series Salvage Hunters features Drew Pritchard, a well-known and respected architectural salvage dealer. According to Antiques News & Fairs, his track record includes unearthing a genuine 10th century William Morris collection of stained glass, which was worth over 100,000.

There are plenty of places to go salvaging and this even includes online sources. The best places to try are flea markets, car boots, reclamation yards and antique shops such as Victor Hall. Being able to see the items in person is often preferred, as you can really check the condition and get a real feel for the piece; however, online shops such as eBay are also a good way to locate salvage items.

This years essential architectural salvage items are:


If you want the wow factor in any room, a reclaimed chandelier will give you this and more. It will add a sense of glamour, elegance and a timeless sense of period grandeur.


Vintage signs are in high demand due to their historic charm and quirky appearances; however, make sure you are buying a vintage sign and not being fooled by a newly-manufactured sign that has been distressed.


A fireplace has long been regarded as a natural focus for the living room/lounge and a well-chosen piece can completely change the tone and scheme of the room. You could recreate Victorian charm, Georgian splendour or eye-catching 1920s art deco.


Freestanding roll-top baths are all the fashion and bringing one into your bathroom will not only provide a statement feature but also exude period elegance.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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