Furniture damage on your wooden floor

You have installed wood flooring and you are happy with the result, so the last thing you want is your furniture damaging the floor. Most wood flooring can withstand some wear and tear, but damage can occur when furniture is moved around. Here are some tips to protect your floor.

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Lift items

Many people drag their furniture across the floor, which inevitably causes damage. You should always lift it if you are able to. A great way to prevent damage is to place a rug under the furniture. You will be able to drag this across the floor, causing minimal damage; however, if you can lift items, you should. This is the only way to ensure there is no damage.  Make sure when your lifting you bend your knees and hold the items close to your chest for best leverage.

Buy strong flooring

There are many benefits to wood flooring. By purchasing stronger wood types, you will be less likely to cause harm to the floor. It’s a good idea to get into routines where you take off any footwear when you enter the house and keep reminding any children you have how important it is to look after.  Some people might be so worried about the floors they might even go as far as putting bubble wrap down or protective sheets but this is not necessary.

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Protect your floor

Another way to prevent your floor being damaged is to purchase cups, mats or pads. Place these under all chair and table legs to stop your furniture having direct contact with the floor. Heavy furniture causes the most damage, and any pointed legs need to be covered with protective rubber. Tables and chairs can cause long-term damage, so it is important to take protective measures from the start to keep your flooring looking new and stylish.  If you don’t follow these ideas you may end up having to start all over again and throwing out your flooring.  If this is the case then don’t worry about driving it to the tip as firstly it won’t fit in the car and secondly its a hassle that you don’t need. I would just ask a Llanelli skip hire company to come and help by letting you hire a skip and they will remove it for you.  To find out more information and to contact them one option available is


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