Vinyl floor stains you can try to remove

Don’t be disheartened if your vinyl floor has stains and scuffs that won’t come off with your usual cleaning products. It may be time to invest in some hardcore chemicals that will do the trick. This is important if you are renting or you’re a landlord due to the next potential family coming in. Every day someone is out of the property is a day you lose money so a good way to keep track of all this is a Property inspection app through sites like  This will enable you to keep track of  everything from one device.  Here’s a guide to which products to use and how.

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Alternative cleaners

Before you rush out and buy toxic chemicals to rid your floor of stains, try using bicarbonate of soda first. This may remove your stain without the need for more aggressive solutions –

Chemical cleaners

If bicarbonate of soda doesn’t work, gather the following products – a decent sponge, some rags and a pair of rubber gloves. You will also need some bleach, oxalic acid and isopropyl alcohol. Once you have these items you are ready to go.

While the following methods shouldn’t damage vinyl flooring, it’s still highly recommended you test the products on a hidden piece of flooring, perhaps in a cupboard or under furniture. Ensure your rags are white, as stain dissolving chemicals will also cause fabrics to bleed, staining your floor. Approach specialists who can offer great advice for maintaining vinyl floors.

Isopropyl alcohol

This mild disinfectant can be found in most supermarkets. It is the best cleaning product for heel scuff marks and it works on most other stains too. Alternative cleaners are mineral spirits or lighter fluid. As these chemicals are flammable it is vital that you check any pilot lights are turned off before commencing cleaning, and dry out any rags fully before disposing of them.


Common bleach often erases stains left by strong coloured liquids such as wine, tomato sauce and fruit juices. Combine four parts water to one part bleach. Soak your white rag in the mixture and lay it on the stain. Bleach takes time to work so you may need to leave your rag in position for at least an hour.

Oxalic acid

Found in most DIY and paint stores, oxalic acid is great for tough rust stains. If the mark doesn’t disappear after rubbing it with the solution, lay a rag on top of the stain for 10-15 minutes. If the mark still remains, dip the rag back in the acid solution and repeat. When you have finished, rinse your vinyl floor with fresh water to fully remove the chemicals.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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