7 original ideas for the decoration of the living room

living room

The living room is one of the rooms of the house that we visit the most and in which we spend the most moments. We watch TV, a movie, read a book, eat, chat with friends or with our family … It often becomes a refuge and disconnection space.

It is necessary that we create the best possible environment for all this through decoration. And, in addition to functional solutions, we also have at our disposal more original proposals that will help us design a place with a lot of personality. Let’s see some ideas that will help you …

 living room
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1) Plants in vertical

The plants become excellent companions for the decoration of the room. They bring color, nature and vitality to the room and you have a lot of options to choose from: only green leaf, with flowers, one very large, several smaller …

The idea that I show you what it does is to place these plants vertically, that is, taking advantage of the available surface in some of the walls. Look how cool they are on the sofa, for example, on shelves.

2) A graffiti in your living room

If you like urban art and graffiti you can take one to the wall of your living room. It would be very cool if it were directly painted on it, but if you do not know anyone, you do not have the skill to do it yourself or you lack the budget to hire an illustrator you can buy a very large sheet that simulates the effect of this type of drawings.

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 living room
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3) Shelves with a lot of personality

When it comes to finding an original decoration for your living room, the shelves can give you a lot of play. At the end of the article I will leave you some posts in which we have already seen examples of storage systems for our most special books. If you want to give it a different touch it will be a safe bet.

4) Each chair of a style and color

It takes a bit of originality to the area of ​​the room dedicated to eating. If you have a table with chairs you can place the latter each one in a different way, style and color. Some of wood, others metallic, others more classic, some white, others of another color, combined vintage style with industrial … This is very cool, especially if the table is large enough and there are enough chairs.

5) Original cushions

I love the decoration with cushions and in the living room they look great placed on the sofa. If you want to give a touch of joy and color to this decorative accessory you have a lot of cool and very original options.

 living room
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6) Geek decoration

In a previous article we saw some ideas to make a decoration understood as geek. By this I mean that if you have a hobby, you’re a Star Wars fan, for example, or a series or anything else, decorate your room according to it.

Sure you find a lot of options : paintings, prints, textiles for the sofa or cushions, a rug with the drawing of your favorite character … Search and sure you give with that will make your alon is the most original!

7) An old box as a coffee table

Get an old wooden box or an old trunk and give it a new life. You can turn it into a very special coffee table, since it sure captures all eyes. You can leave the box as it is with its natural color or paint it in some other shade. In addition to as a side table can serve as extra storage space.

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