When You Move Should You Have Your New Carpets Cleaned?

Moving from one home to another is one of those things we do that comes with plenty of lessons you won’t soon forget. It teaches you the perils of waiting until the last minute and offers valuable life experience on the basics of getting a couch through a doorway.

What isn’t always so evident at first is the condition of your carpeting and the necessity for having it cleaned when you move. This goes for the place you are moving from and the one you’re moving into. For the former, the reason why is pretty obvious but the latter may not be, after all, shouldn’t the landlord or leasing company make sure you are entering a properly cleaned unit?

You would think so but, unfortunately, the carpet is often overlooked when it comes to preparing a living space for new tenants. That means it’s up to you to make sure the carpeting is suitable for entry.

So while you’re packing and unpacking all of your things, you’ll need to do plenty of preparation in advance of moving day.

The Old Place

So you’ve packed everything up and moved all of your things out to the truck. Now it’s time to clean up so you get your rental deposit and leave the home or apartment ready for the next tenants to come in. You’ve swept and wiped down the surfaces thoroughly, perhaps you’ve cleaned the oven, maybe you’ve even vacuumed the carpets.

But if you haven’t had them cleaned you could be leaving behind more than you think. Check the surface of the fibers, are there spots and stains you just never managed to remove? If so, you could end up paying for a professional cleaning anyway when the landlord puts part of your rent deposit towards the job.

So take control of the situation and find a good cleaner with affordable prices who you know will do a top notch job on your floor coverings. Call Martinsburg upholstery cleaning to ensure that your carpets look good as new when you’re moving out of your home.

The New Place

You’ve arrived at the next phase of your life but before you take everything off the truck, you’ll want to make perfectly sure that your home is really truly clean. Sure, you’ll scour the surfaces and sanitize the bathrooms, but what about your carpets? They appear to be vacuumed but what about what’s under the surface, trapped in the fibers?

There could be all kinds of things stuck deep down that a vacuum simply can’t reach. Bacteria and other potentially harmful contaminants that can affect your respiratory health and trigger asthma attacks.

You can rely on any number of carpet cleaning secrets to get at this dirt and grime and we know all of them. We can guarantee your carpets will be free of these unhealthy germs after one of our experts comes in, diagnoses your carpet’s condition, and gives it the proper cleaning it deserves. Don’t hesitate, call us today and you can rest assured you’re moving into a healthy new home.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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