Keys to a house in order

house in order

The decor of the house same thing happens with holiday luggage: keep things more, just in case we need them. In RealOrigin we want to help and that is why we have prepared this article with the final key to a tidy house.

Learning to put order in our rooms is not as easy as it seems. If you also invade doubt you’re as close to getting rid of something, take note of the ideas that we propose below.

house in order
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The order begins to eliminate

The guru order Marie Kondo reveals the best-kept secret for a tidy house: the order begins with the removal. Memorize this phrase because it is the key.

Now, what things should keep and what to throw? Gurus and experts in order agree that we need to save only those things that make us happy.

You do not know what to toss?

Having trouble deciding? Enforcement expert Marie Kondo recommends we take the objects one to one with your hands to know what effect provoke us. If you’re not sure, Get rid of it! In addition, with the clothes and accessories it is the same. How long have not you put it? If only you use it, throw it out! In addition, remember to tidy piles with all the things you want to pull, such as shirts, pants, dresses, etc. In this sense, it is advisable to start with the clothes this season and continue for the rest of clothes.

house in order
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Order by category

Now that you’ve done cleaning house, it’s time to sort everything you have. A great solution of order is the categories, starting first by clothing. Then get busy and let accessories for the final objects with sentimental value such as photos, memories…

Do not cling to the past

Clinging to the past is not good. A real problem with the accessories of great sentimental value, which costs us so much to throw away. In fact, get rid of these objects can be considered as a release. But we must say goodbye to the past and make room for the new things that are coming.

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Save vertical

When it comes to keeping our garments, we recommend it vertically. Fold clothes upright, because then you will see everything you have in drawers, in a simple and quick look. Also, when storing clothes this way you occupants much less space.

house in order
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Did you know that in space they occupy 10 hanging garments, you could save between 20 and 40 well bent? Many times we hang clothes thinking that save space or to prevent wrinkling. However, the gurus remind us that the clothes will not wrinkle by folds, but the weight you put on it.

Another important point is that when we ordered the house, we usually buy all kinds of storage solutions and order. The problem is that most of the time these methods tend order complicate matters. At the end we joined hundreds of boxes and baskets totally unnecessary.

When is a good time to order?

Eliminate costs, therefore, in RealOrigin also we recommend that you do it all at once. Pick a day and do not let anything halfway.

Take the time to consider it necessary to tidy up the house and take it easy. Ponte music to set the mood and do it alone to prevent anyone influence your decisions, to throw things and on home. If you share floor, either with a partner or friends, it is recommended to start with your personal space and continuing on public areas.

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Nickolas Hunter

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