Ideas to use marble in the decoration

use marble

The marble is a material used in the decoration that reinvents itself and is part of rooms in which traditionally has not been present but where, however, manages to take a different and special air.

Not only find it in bathroom countertops, for example, it is a natural stone that can be used also in facades, walls, furniture and accessories. Today we will see several ideas for decorating with marble and so find ways to introduce this material in your home. Come with a dose of inspiration!

Features marble

However, before we start with ideas, it should be recalled that marble is a very elegant material, high quality, rugged and compact. You can enter in a modern – style decor and a rustic or classic style. Conveys purity and cleanliness. Perfectly holds moisture and is therefore valid for outdoor environments, swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. You can find it with different finishes so that it can adjust perfectly to your favorite type of decoration for your home.

use marble
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Decorative objects

The first idea is to bring you home marble shaped decorative accessory. Cups, trays, candle holders, vases, flower pots … As you can see, it lets you design a very elegant and personality objects that will be fine, for example, type decor minimalist or even industrial style.


Marble is very durable, waterproof and hygienic. Therefore, it is more often found in the kitchen countertops and in the bathroom. Only you have to be careful cleaning, as it can absorb some products or fats. Nor should support nothing hot about it because it will leave a mark that stay with you forever … So you must exercise caution if you decide to use it as a counter. In the kitchen, you can use it in both classic designs and more modern. It is very versatile.

use marble
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Interior walls

If you decide to place it on any interior wall, you will choose a small thickness to serve as a coating. You can put on the front wall of the kitchen or even in a lounge; experts recommend placing it in small amounts to prevent the stay acquires an air too cold. You can combine them with other materials that provide greater warmth. Look at these two examples. It has been used in different ways, only half a wall in one case and for a whole wall on the other. Like how it looks?

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Marble tables

You can give your room a very cool touch by placing a coffee table marble. As I said before, in small doses is always well received. With this material, we again make use of one of our favorite premises: less is more.

use marble
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In the bathroom

The bathroom is the quintessential stay where we have always seen the marble. Like I said, you can place on the countertop sink or even health itself can be made of marble. Also the shower walls. If you spend on the floor, for example, you should be cautious because their natural polished finish, if it gets wet, it may slip. There are different colors for tile and tile beyond the classic white, so you can design an interior full of personality. And as each has a unique veining, you have an opportunity to create a bathroom completely to your liking.

Combining marble

The white marble combined with almost any color, but the fact is that is especially good if you use it together with the black or bronze, for example. As for other materials, wood gives this counterpoint of warmth and so can use together with iron, glass and copper.

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