Solar Power: The Economical Alternative for the Modern Homeowner

As a modern homeowner, you probably already know that it takes a lot of energy to power everything inside your house. Month after month, youre plagued with high electricity costs, no matter how much you try to reduce power usage.

Many of your household appliances are just so dependent on electricity. But before you chuck that 50 inch flat screen TV, or that zero frost double door smart refrigerator, you should try a power alternative that has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. This power alternative is solar power.

Solar power harnesses the power from sunlight using solar panels, or photovoltaics. It takes that radiation and converts it into clean, renewable energy that can power all your appliances and gadgets.

Many people have switched to solar panels as their main source of solar power for the home, because of their cost efficiency. Heres why solar power is a more economical alternative to regular electricity from your local power grid:

  • It saves on electric bills – This is the main reason why solar power is becoming popular. It can really save you a lot in electricity costs in the long run. Most solar panels convert solar radiation to electricity instantaneously. As much as 15% 40% of sunlight can be converted into usable energy that can power all your household appliances at the same time. You can turn on that air conditioning as much as you can, and only pay a fraction of the bill.

Notice that most of your energy consumption is accounted for by your consumption during the nighttime. This is because theres no sunlight during the night. And even then, if your solar panels have the capacity to store surplus power that you have collected during the day, you can use this to power your nightly use too. This can translate to thousands in dollars in savings for as long as your solar panels are working efficiently at collecting and converting energy.

  • It increases the value of your home with more and more people becoming more concerned with the environment and making the move towards using renewable energy, your property can fetch a good 10% – 20% more than the sale value you would otherwise be asking, if you have solar panels installed on your rooftop.

People who are curious about solar energy can also see the value of having panels already installed on the rooftop, versus having it done on their own. They see the convenience of having the system already installed and functioning as an added bonus. You could also mention the energy costs that the buyer will save as a bargaining point when selling your house.

  • It can be a good source of income There are some places where the government and power corporations work together to make sure that power is available no matter what. The surplus energy generated by solar panels installed in individual homes can be sold to the power company for a good price.

This excess energy from your home solar panels can help provide power for other homes and businesses that dont use solar power. If you live in a location where its very sunny, you can sell back your surplus power to the power grid, or to the government to help your fellow citizens.

This not only gives you free power from the sun, but also a passive income stream thats generated without the need for your constant supervision or maintenance. Some states actually encourage the use of solar panels.

Solar panel installation may sound expensive at the start. Thats because its an investment that can save you thousands of dollars, year in year out. Its proven effective at supplying homes with a steady energy supply and can help lessen your carbon footprint considerably. Make that change and install solar panels on your home, so you can save on electricity, and at the same time save the environment.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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