The Many Benefits Of Replacing Old Windows

If you move into a new home before the cold weather hits, its easy to underestimate the importance of buying new windows and updating certain elements of your new space. However, by the time those cold winds and heavy rains roll around, it could be too late. Getting your windows replaced might seem like a nice addition to save up for, but in reality, its a crucial need that simply cant be overlooked. When you dont get your windows replaced by a company like Renewal by Andersen windows Olympia, you could risk exposing your home to tons of volatile elements like moisture, mold, mildew, and dirt. Thats why its so important to keep your windows updated. Protecting your home isnt just about keeping external elements like your roof and siding updated. In the long run, it can be as simple as getting the right windows installed at the right time. If youre thinking about replacing your windows, here are some things to think about.

New Windows Have Better Protection

When it comes to replacing windows, its not all about looks. While you might love the vintage look of a homes original windows, you wont love all the dangers they expose your home to. The truth is, while we tend to think of older constructions as being sturdier and better altogether, windows simply dont work like that. The older the window, the draftier it probably is. Windows tend to have a shelf life of about 20 years, and most older homes have let it go way longer than that, leading to drafts, moisture leaks, and possible foundational issues. Thats why its so important not just to have an inspector take a thorough look at any property before you buy, but to make sure you replace your windows without a moment to spare even before you move in. If your homes current windows are single-paned, this is even more serious. Single-pane windows really werent built to protect newer homes against storms and drafts, so its important to replace them with double-paned models as soon as you can.

They’re Better For Insulation

You might assume that buying an older or historic home means dealing with drafts from time to time. And while some drafts in older properties cant be helped, you can certainly do a lot to protect your home from leaks and drafts by getting windows that are built to keep cold air out and protect your homes internal temperature. If you dont upgrade your windows, chances are it wont matter how high you crank up the heat during the winter. Youll still be dealing with a frigid internal temperature that will be unpleasant to live in and wont do your home any favors. Dealing with your homes windows before the cold weather sets in is crucial if you really want to keep your property cool, dry, and protected.

You’ll Minimize the Need for Heating and Cooling

If youve just bought a new home, you dont want to end up sinking all your money into keeping it temperature controlled. Unfortunately, if you havent updated your windows, thats just whats going to happen. If your home has older windows, its going to be a near-impossible task to keep your home sealed. That means that during the summer youll deal with high levels of humidity with little relief from your A/C, as well as cold temperatures in the winter that will make it difficult for you to get any benefit from your home heating system. No one wants to pay for something theyre not using, but thats just what youll be doing if you leave your windows as they are. Your heating and cooling bills are likely to go sky high even if youre not getting any of the benefits.

You’ll Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

Even the sturdiest home can be subject mold, mildew, and internal rot. If you expose your home to dangerous elements like moisture, wind, and rain, it wont take long before you start to feel the damage. Even if youre worried about your homes foundation being affected, you simply cant afford not to take problems like mold and mildew growth seriously. Even worse, you could be dealing with mold growth in your home without even knowing it. These arent only dangerous issues for your home, they can present health risks for you and your family. Replacing your home windows wont just ensure that your home stands strong. It will mean keeping you and your loved ones protected from disease and decay no matter what.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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