Top ways to encourage more light into your hallway

Light is the key to an Insta-worthy hallway, with even the smallest space feeling roomier with these clever tips.

1. Natural light

If your hallway is closed off from the rest of the house, you could replace solid internal doors with glazed ones to allow light from connecting rooms to disperse into the hallway.
You could also consider installing a glazed front door to maximise the natural light that can enter your hallway. There are many suppliers of front doors in Stroud and across the UK that can recommend a frosted or coloured glass front door that will maintain your privacy and security whilst maximising the natural light your hallway receives.

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  1. Artificial lighting

    Choose artificial lighting that enhances and brightens the space. Bright white bulbs can make for a clinical feel, whilst warm white LED lights provide a softer light that will disperse shadows and create a welcoming atmosphere.

    3. Colour tone and pattern

    Use bright and friendly colours to enhance the feeling of space. You could go for a sunny yellow or terracotta or play it safe with a pale blue. Try a few different colours to see what feels right and always remember to paint the ceiling white to help the space feel larger.

    Repeating patterns in floor tiles or wallpaper can also help to enhance the feel of a small space, so consider whether patterned wallpaper or wood panelling on the bottom half of your walls with a complementary paint shade above will brighten and modernise your space.

    4. Reflect what light you have

    A large mirror carefully located within your hallway can reflect the light produced from your glazed front door, connecting spaces and artificial lighting, creating a bright and airy space. When choosing glazed or frosted glass front doors Stroud, be careful that you do not inadvertently reflect the interior of your home to outside passers-by.

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Light is key to making your hallway a welcoming space. By following these tips, your home will soon be the envy of the street.

Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews

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