How to furnish a small room

furnish a small room

You do not always have the luck to enjoy a spacious house with large rooms. Perhaps some of them are especially small, or several, so do not miss these ideas that will help you furnish small rooms to get the most out of the available square meters. Take good note!

Light colors

Using light colors on the walls will make the room look more spacious visually. White, beige, pastel … If the room is small, these colors will look great. Bet on the light wood for the furniture and if you want to introduce some intensity do it in some decorative detail.

Rather minimalist decoration

With minimalist in this case I mean that you do not fill the room with things. If it’s small and you put a lot of furniture, a lot of decoration … You’re still going to saturate more space. Choose the right and necessary furniture and introduce a simple decorative element that helps you personalize the stay.

furnish a small room
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The more natural light, the better

This sometimes is not possible but, as far as you can, allows in the small room between all possible natural light. Place light, clear curtains that allow privacy but let the sun pass. In addition, you hang them from the ceiling you will create an effect of more stylized walls.

Sliding doors

I love sliding doors. They do not bother you and allow you to enjoy more comfortably any space, however small. They are ideal for a bathroom where you hardly have room for almost anything, so they will not remove even more space.

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Keep the order

There is no doubt that maintaining order is essential for harmony in the home to reign. If the room is small, with more reason. If already there is no place for almost nothing do not fill the little hole that is with clothes or items that are out of place. Use extra storage elements, furniture as they take advantage of every corner … But that everything is well organized.

furnish a small room
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Multifunction furniture

Before I mentioned the option of designing custom furniture to not leave any corner unused. Another option is to use multifunctional furniture that allows you to enjoy several uses. For example, a sofa bed to store your towels and sheets inside, for example, a chest of drawers that also allows you to place the television on top, a trunk that is an auxiliary table and a storage place in the living room …

The mirrors

The mirrors are one of the most used elements to visually enlarge the spaces. Remember that feng shui does not recommend placing them in front of the bed in the bedroom, but you can still play with them in other positions. Put a large one in the bathroom or in the hall. Wherever you want the light to reflect and thus achieve that sense of spaciousness.

furnish a small room
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Folding furniture

As you see, the choice of furniture is essential to decorate small rooms. Custom-made, multifunctional and, now, foldable. If you want to have breakfast in the kitchen, for example, and you have no place to place a table with your chairs, the option of a folding table is very interesting. Install one of the ones that remain attached to the wall and open it only when you need it. The same in a bedroom with the beds.

Built-in cabinets

A great solution for a small bedroom, for example, or for the entrance of your house. In small spaces the built-in wardrobes help you to take advantage of the entire surface of the wall, and thus have a place to store your stuff without saturating the room. And if you put them with sliding doors, much better still.

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