The log burning stove has a certain allure

Log burning stoves are this decade’s must have household accessory. Ten years ago, the only place you’d find a log burning stove would be in a country house or cottage. Now people in towns and cities up and down the land are fitting log burning stoves in their homes, in a wide range of designs and shapes.

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Radiators have traditionally been the way to heat your home, although it’s difficult to cuddle up to a radiator. Although they are effective in heating the whole house which is ideal in the winter.  If you want both a stove and central heating perhaps talk to you a Boiler service Cheltenham company found through sites including who will check the effectiveness of your system.  A log burning stove is a great feature that brings warmth and cosiness to any room. That’s why the allure of the log burning stove is still strong.

Economically beneficial

With rising electricity, gas and oil prices, many homeowners have turned to Defra approved wood burning stoves as an economical way to provide heat. Buying wood is a much cheaper alternative to traditional forms of energy. Although the initial outlay for a wood burner is substantial (around £2000 to £3500), the savings made from burning wood logs will start to mount up.

Log burners are an asset

When it comes to selling your home, a log burner can make a real difference in attracting buyers. A log burner will, in many cases, be a huge selling point for those wanting to purchase a house.

Wood is a renewable energy source

We are forever being reminded to consider our carbon footprint and the damage we are causing to the environment. When sourced responsibly from a reputable tree grower, wood is a renewable energy source that provides an eco-friendly way of heating your home.

Number of different styles and colours

As log burners continue to prove popular, manufacturers have developed a range of styles and colours to suits all tastes. There has been a move away from the traditional vintage stove, with stoves that now hang from ceilings and stoves with rainbow paint enamel becoming increasingly popular.

Log burners are the must have thing

Keeping up with the Joneses can be difficult, and as more and more people install log burners, so the demand from other homeowners grows. Installation companies are reporting increased sales, with some doubling or evening trebling the number of stoves they have fitted compared with previous years.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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