Ideas to decorate in mint green

decorate in mint green

The mint green is one of my favorite colors when it comes to decorating. Mostly combined with white the projecting image is serene with a sweet touch. It is a cozy color and very fresh at the same time. Today we will see several ideas to introduce you to your decoration. As you will see below, there are many ways to do this. At the end, you will decide which one you like and if you feel it is time to use it.

Mint Green Doors

We started with a powerful change. If you want to give a great protagonist to this color paints the doors green mind and enjoys all its freshness. It is also relaxing so it will be ideal in the interior of the house. If you do not feel like getting bored too much you can leave it for one. Do you dare the entrance?

Mint Green Cooking

In the kitchen, the mint green is wonderful. You can use it in your appliances. Chulsimo if you settle for a Smog fridge, for example. Combined with white and wood you will be able to print a very special Nordic style to the room. Although it depends on how you do it will also give you a vintage air. You can use it on furniture, on walls or just on some decorative item.

A detail hit

Sometimes a detail in a particular color may suffice for it to acquire great importance. It can be the guiding thread of the decoration of your home. An object at the entrance, another mint green element in your living room, another in the kitchen, in the bedroom … Small strokes of this tone that will unify your home.

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How to combine mint green

I have already told you that my favorite combination is with white, but also looks great light gray. And if you want to raise it a little the intensity use it with other more vivid hues. With a yellow, it can look great, since the contrast is very interesting. With gold it will have a retro touch and if you use it with wood you can create Scandinavian or vintage environments. In its most pastel mode, black will give it an interesting force.

Mint green in the bathroom

We go to another room where this key fits well, since being relaxing and bright bathroom is a perfect scenario for use. You can bet on tiles in this color or leave everything blank and place the accessories in mint green. The towels, the carpet, a curtain …

A furniture in mint green

For some time this part I like to play with color in the furniture. That’s why I encourage you to put a piece of furniture, one single, in mint green. A wardrobe, a cupboard, bedside tables, dining chairs … The rest can be in neutral tones so that green is the protagonist. I’m sure you’ll find that focal point I’m talking about.

Paint the walls

Another option is to paint the walls in this color and leave the rest in white or gray, for example, with some detail in some stronger color. In this case, my advice is not to paint them all because they visually saturate the room; Leave only one in mint green and you will see how beautiful it is.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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