How to Save Money for Your New Home Renovation

A renovation project is always fun because it is a chance to get the look you have been dreaming of or maybe give your house a much-needed overhaul. The excitement of remodeling your place may cloud your judgment when it comes to the budget, though. Between hiring a contractor, getting new cabinets, and re-tiling the bathroom, the expenses can pile up very fast. However, the need to stay within the budget doesnt have to compromise the quality or functionality of the remodel. You can get money savings on various fronts; you only have to be creative about it.

Do Some of It Yourself

Hiring a contractor for your home renovation has its advantage like getting a professional opinion on important details. Nonetheless, the service comes at a hefty price that may inflate your budget. One way to keep them down is to DIY some aspect of the renovations. Even the handiest homeowner can have trouble with part of the remodel like taking down sections of the property, and this is where a contractor is valuable. Tasks such as painting, tiling and fixing cabinets can fall into your DIY list. Online resources make it easy to learn how to do some jobs.


The biggest money pit when renovating is the while Im at it mentality. When you are out getting a chandelier to complete the interior dcor, you get a few pendant lights while at it. Such occurrences are due to lack of planning when remodeling. If its a kitchen overhaul, decide in advance which appliances are getting an upgrade. Which types of countertops are most suitable for the kitchen and your pocket? Does your bathroom really need a new mirror? Such questions should have answers before you start.


For DIY renovations, using recycled items can slash a lot of your costs. If you to live somewhere with a recycling center, visit it and see what can work in your home. From antique vanities to mirrors to light fixtures, recycling centers are treasure troves. However, be careful not to use salvage material that is too worn out. You want to save money not degrade the standard of the remodel. Also, look around your house, especially if you have done a renovation before and pick up some things that you can reuse on this project.

Shop Smart

If you are responsible for the purchases, know where to hunt for budget prices. Big name stores may seem appealing when remodeling your home, but you can get affordable options. Look for yard sales in your neighborhood to minimize spending. Clearance sales are also excellent at saving you money. Most clearance sales are seasonal, so you plan your shopping to coincide with the next one. Cash back services are other ideas that can reduce your costs during a remodel. When working with a contractor, ask if he/she gets discounts from particular stores.

Dont Forgo Expert Opinion

For renovations that require major work like converting extra space into a living area or enlarging a kitchen, consult an architect. Some alterations can change the design of your home, and you want guarantees that the place will be safe to occupy. An architect can provide services on a consultation basis, meaning you dont have to incur the expenses of a full-time hire. A professional can point out any faults with your design and offer solutions that will save money in the long-run.

Dont Focus too Much on Trends

It is enticing to try out the newest interior design trends when renovating your home, but your budget may not allow it. The latest house renovation fad may require decorative lights that cost more than you can afford or expensive flooring with high maintenance needs. Stick to basics when looking at ideas for your remodeling. Visit home dcor websites to see what you can use without splurging too much. Remember that trends pass with time, and in a few years, your interior dcor may not fascinate you anymore, meaning it will cost you again to change it.

The cost savings from your renovation can go a long way in improving your finances. You can invest them with a broker like CMC Markets, for instance, and add to your coffers. With the right approach, a remodel can add life to your home and boost its resale value.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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