Ideas to decorate with hanging bulbs

hanging bulbs

We have been seeing for several seasons, and the hanging bulbs provide a very original and special touch to any room where you want to place a touch that makes more and more used to illuminate rooms in a very decorative way. Minimalist Aires, with some color if you like, with some Nordic style… are simple and great at the same time.

If you like and still you have not dared to put any in your home you cannot lose these ideas, I teach you to be served you get inspiration and bring that unique personality through these bulbs. Let’s see how you can do it!

hanging bulbs
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What you need to create this decoration?

As we will see in the rest of the article, there are many ways to design this decoration, but the simplest is that in which you only need a light bulb and the bulb holder with its rope. Nothing else! Of course, there are many models to choose bulbs and strings, and that is where your creativity comes into play…

In the bedroom

A place that is very cool these bulbs are hanging in the bedroom. You can place one on the table, above the headboard or in the middle of the room. With a more industrial or Scandinavian touch, you just have to choose the color and material of the rope, what the socket and bulb, more or less large.

hanging bulbs
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The functionality

In addition to the design, think, also, in function to meet the lighting we are placing, as a decorative bulb also gives different powers of light, different colder or warmer colors … Remember that LEDs consume less and they have a longer duration.

Types of lamps hanging

To choose between the different types of bulbs hanging there we will focus, first and as I said before, in their technical specifications and how to help us properly illuminate the room. And, secondly, in its design and finishing; They can be balloon -type, pear type or with a retro aesthetic as an imitation of the old filament.

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Where you can put them

We have seen that these bulbs are great in bedrooms. Similarly, you can put them over the dining table, on the kitchen island, if you are in a hallway with high ceilings, in the area of the sofa in the living room…

hanging bulbs
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Place several hanging bulbs

Another idea is to place more of a hanging light bulb in one place. They can be the same size or colors or you can play with different patterns and shapes, even with cables varied hues. If you put a lot is very cool leave the wires at different heights to create a composition that will help decorate, like this example, it is beautiful.

The cable length

If you have decided to put these lamps, remember that grace is to leave longish cable so that the effect is sought. If you are on a table not you pass you, do not bother, but in the other locations not be afraid to leave a good piece of wire. Click more tips.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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