Decorating trends winter 2016-2017

Perhaps now you’re focused on your home decor for Christmas 2016, but you cannot forget that after the holidays, there will still be much winter ahead. Therefore, it is important that you get abreast of the trends of the moment in decoration so you can make your house continues to be fashionable.

Decorating trends
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Logically, it is not necessary to change the decor of your home completely each time you start each season. Yes, yes we recommend making small changes to those ratios you spend at home (in winter are more abundant), you can be as comfortable as possible. To lend a hand, now we will explain what the decorative trends that will prevail during the coldest months of the year are. Would you like to join us?


How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about the colors, as I have said on numerous occasions, have much influence on our mood. In addition, they are able to change the perception of space. The first thing to know is that the combination black-white will remain trend.

Decorating trends
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On the other hand, you should know that this winter many earth tones, pinks and coral will be. Of course, we cannot forget the gray, which increasingly is taking a more prominent role in the world of decoration. We also want to comment that the metallic finishes, especially copper and gold, fill the housing through the lamps and decorative objects. As for prints, they will continue triumphing plant and geometric.

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The protagonist winter 2016-2017 material is wood, especially natural and low treated. Ideal for a touch of warmth to the rooms, you can use it in furniture, flooring, walls through the beams, accessories … Of course, you should be aware that there are other materials will also gain prominence during this winter. This is the case of marble, above all we will see in soils. On the other hand, you know that the market you can find wallpaper that mimic the texture. We also have to talk about the cork, which will not only hit this winter, but throughout 2017. In addition, we emphasize copper, ideal for industrial environments material, but can introduce it in atmospheres of other styles.

Decorating trends
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Antique furniture and DIY

It is also important that you consider that this winter will bring, and much, furniture and antique pieces of decoration or look vintage. Therefore, from we encourage you to restore your old pieces of furniture and give a new life to items that have already become obsolete. For example, if you change the doors or windows, you can use to create headboards most original. In fact, recycling and everything related to the DIY is very fashionable in the coming months.


To finish our review of the decorative trends winter 2016-2017, we want to tell you about the styles that are more triumphing right now. Thus, we must emphasize the decor Nordic, which takes time on the crest of the wave. And although not having as much prominence as in previous seasons, industrial decoration will be key during the coldest months of the year, like eclectic style and vintage.

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