Ideas to decorate with warm colors

Its own name gives us a clue as to what kind of environment they are going to help you design. The warm colors are inviting and cover a wide range of shades in your color wheel, from the softest to the strongest and intense. The used and dearest are orange, browns, reds, yellows, land and cream. The can be used in textiles, decorative items or even walls, alone or complemented with neutral tones or a touch with a more vivid color. Today we see several ideas that will help you successfully incorporate the decor of your home, would you like to know?

Decorate with warm color
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The choice of colors

The color range of warm colors is extensive. They fit well in almost any room and if those escaped stronger as red or fuchsia, which tend to make spaces look smaller especially if applied on walls, we will provide enough light and visually room appear larger. They are colors associated with fire and the sun, so that transmit energy and vitality while l are cozy and pleasant.

Walls in warm colors

One way to use these colors is through the walls. If the room very bright even if you use a strong color will be dimmed, and if you use a very soft not receive nearly the color chosen. If you want to use one strong it can apply only one of the walls, leaving the rest in a neutral color. Another option is to paint the walls with warm and neutral colors and use the strongest tone furniture or accessories.

Decorate with warm color
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How to combine the warm colors

Warm colors you can combine following the idea of designer Kenneth Brown: 60% for the main color, for example, on the wall; 30% for a secondary color that you can include in textiles such as curtains or upholstery, and the remaining 10% for ornaments and small touches of color that delights us.

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Ideas for mixing colors

Thus, orange, yellow or red you can get very nice combined with blue or green, of a not very hard to make it a balanced tone decor. You need to distinguish between light and warm it dark or intense colors, which you can combine with other more neutral and soft colors.

Decorate with warm color
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Warm colors in the bedroom

To give the room a cozy air you can use warm colors like creams and earth tones, usually for these rooms is advisable to book the softer shades of this color range, because what is sought is to promote relaxation.

In the classroom

In the lounge, you can paint a wall with a warm color strong, so copper center stage, but with a very distinguished and nice touch. Painting them all and perhaps be excessive. In this case, you can add decorative elements such as textiles or upholstery in softer tones that make the wall color is the total problem. Alternatively, keep the most neutral walls and enter the warm, soft or intense colors in the rest of the decor.

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