The history of the fridge freezer

The fridge freezer is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. It is where the Ice cream and frozen desserts are kept for a start. This advanced storage system means that we can keep food for a long time and technically always have something in reserve in case the kids get hungry. Fish fingers, ready meals, chips, vegetables and even Yorkshire puddings now have a frozen variant. Entire meals can be stored away. A stylish one is always popular and that’s where a Bosch Integrated Fridge Freezer like that from comes in handy.

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Refrigerating food starts in ancient Iran. Difficult to believe but the Ancient Iranians built large underground storage areas. On the surface they had wind catchers and channellers that directed cold air down into the underground. These cool breezes help to keep the food cold. After that the only way that food could be kept cool was in ice houses. Here, a massive block of ice was left in the centre of the room. This generated enough coldness in the room to keep many fresh cakes and cheesecakes from going off.

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It wasn’t until 1894 that the first electric refrigerator was invented. This was the work of Istvan Rock. He began to manufacture. However, these first refrigerators were also very dangerous. They used ammonia and sulfur dioxide which, if they escaped, could cause illness and even death.

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