Combinations of colors and materials for the kitchen

Colors and materials for the kitchen

When reforming a kitchen or designed from scratch, the most important decision to be taken is that of the materials and colors used to liven up. We must be very clear about what you want to not opt for combinations that clash. A recommendation? Betting on few materials and few colors. The beauty is almost always simple, why many interior decorators do without complicated combinations and supplements tip over when to make a difference.

So you have a little clearer, then I’ll speak very valid for your kitchen combinations, so take note and start to imagine what it will be that space in your home where you eat breakfast, afternoon tea and prepare food all days.

Colors and materials for the kitchen
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Parquet for kitchen

Put parquet in the kitchen has its advantages and disadvantages, which we explain in an article published last year. The fact is that the parquet should not only be reserved for rooms such as the living room, dining room or bedroom. You can take it to the kitchen and take advantage of the warmth it conveys. Yes, buy quality so that it can withstand the aches and pains of everyday life, especially if you have kids willing to prepare cakes every Sunday.

We thinks that wood is one of the most used in cooking materials, so do not cost to find the perfect combination. You can take possession of furniture, window frames or walls. In fact, combining wood with white tiles or tiles can help you create the Nordic environment so fashionable it has become in recent years.

The slate will give life

If you decant by the board to cover one or more walls of the kitchen, you should know that the steel combines swimmingly. Despite being a cold material we are used to seeing in factories and workshops, notes, drawings and notes of color that can hang on the board will resolve all the problems of seriousness you can imagine.

Slate practicality is beyond doubt. It does not force you to resort to the typical kitchen magnets, but you have more space and freedom to write the shopping list, jot down essential dates or dedicating messages of love that fill with tenderness until the day grayer. And not only can that, as with some of view give life to a kitchen industrial style.

What color to choose furniture in this case? White, of course it is the eternal combination that lets you play with furniture and everything you want.

Colors and materials for the kitchen
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Wood and glass

It is a more typical combination of classic environments. Wood and glass have always gone hand in hand to bring elegance to any space. The countertop can be white and the result, if you put your mind, can be up vintage. Everything will depend on the type of decoration that prevails at home and supplements you are willing to use.

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Steel and Ceramic

Steel talk again, but this time I do it to highlight its relationship with ceramic, a material that never goes out of fashion for the simple reason to act as a neutral base. You then need to choose geometric shapes and bold colors depend on your taste, and that is where the fall hydraulic tiles, a must-have that will transport you to the mid-nineteenth century, when they arose.

Colors and materials for the kitchen
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Concrete and micro cement

They are two materials that are slowly creeping into the kitchens of half the world. Nobody had them between fires, but the truth is that they are triumphing by the minimalist and natural air that are capable of transmitting, especially if we choose dark wood furnishings and various plants add to the set.

The key is simplicity, so they are materials that always stand out and when integrated into environments little strained.

Exposed beams!

Finally, I must say that is lucky to have a kitchen with exposed beams. It is a structural element that stands out a lot and you can have all the attention you want to give. In rustic atmosphere it is the big star, as happens with exposed brick, which incidentally also have crept into the big city to stay.

If we focus on the exposed beams and brick walls, my recommendation is to opt for ceramic tiles and hydraulic as I mentioned above. The result can be spectacular.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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