Key to illuminate the dining room

When decorating homes and conditioning we have to consider many factors, giving them all the same importance as the key to functional and aesthetic spaces is hit with all decisions. However, in many cases we left in the background some key aspects, as often happens with the lighting, which sometimes is forgotten because they give more importance to furniture, wall colors, textiles …

Dining Room Decoration
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So, you know that lighting plays a key role in giving functionality to the spaces, providing life to colors and embellishments, establish certain mood climates, improve aesthetics and influence the perception of space. In one of the rooms where lighting becomes very important it is in the dining room. So today we will give you the keys to illuminate the space of the home. Do we accompany you?

Natural light

How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about natural light, which is the healthiest and which allows us to save on energy bills. Therefore, we must make the most, placing the table as close to a source of natural light, either a window or balcony. To further enhance the light offered by the sun. Ideally, both the walls and textiles are clear. In addition, for poorly lit rooms, the ideal is to opt for glass tables because they are lighter and reflect little light between. The same goes with white furniture.

Dining Room Decoration
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A versatile stay

Count or not with natural light in the room, should provide the space artificial light, since you will not be able to benefit from this type of lighting during all hours of the day and every day of the year. Thus, it is important that you consider that in most homes this place stay is a very versatile, where we eat and dined with the family, we met with friends, celebrate intimate dinners. Even sometimes it can act as corner work and relax. Therefore, when artificially illuminate the space we take into account the uses that will give the dining room, taking clear that we achieve a warm atmosphere and especially welcoming.

Kinds of illumination

In addition to natural light, ideally in your room do not miss the following three types of lighting: the environment, allowing you to illuminate the entire space from a single point; the point that a single point target (in the case of the dining room, at the table); and decorative, which is responsible for highlighting certain objects, like pictures or flowers.

Dining Room Decoration
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The dining table

Obviously, when we illuminate the dining focus our attention on the table, which is the protagonist of the space. It is best to opt for a suspended ceiling lamp, but you will have different factors into account when choosing it. For example, if you go for a hanging model, it should not be too close to the table to avoid glare and possible damages. In addition, the illuminative should be proportional to the table and, of course, to stay. In this sense it is best not extend beyond the edge of the table. As for the form, it will depend on the shape of the table. Also, you should know that if you have a long table is the best option several small colored lights instead of one big one. Another option that is gaining popularity lately is to put a floor lamp in the display reaches the center of the table. It certainly is a most modern alternative that will give your home a twist dining.

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