Ideas for a blue decoration

The colors influence our feelings and even how we react. They can affect our mood, both for good and for bad, and that is why it is important to keep them in mind in the decoration. Today we will see some ideas for a blue decoration, a color that favors calm, is cool and serene.

For its relaxing characteristics it is appropriate for bedrooms or living rooms, for example, although as you will see at the end of this text with the photos of the gallery is wonderful in any room. There are many varieties of blue and many possible combinations. Do you dare to introduce it to your decoration?

blue decoration
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The blue walls

A first idea I teach you is to paint the walls of the room blue. Personally, I like it to be a pastel blue, soft, clear, that does not saturate too much, or if it is a strong tone, I prefer to use it only on one of the walls, and leave the rest blank. However, in this kitchen has been used a turquoise blue for all the walls that is very beautiful and not overwhelming. What do you think the result? The touch of white contrasts very well and relieves the fact that all walls are painted.

Blue combined with other colors

Blue combines very well with other shades. The contrast with the yellow is incredible, since the yellow gives that touch of warmth that it lacks to this cold tone. If you fancy a fresh and relaxing decoration, the white will become your best ally. Perfect for a Mediterranean decoration, for example. With gray, it helps to design very elegant environments. It is also ideal with orange.

blue decoration
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Decorative touches in blue

We have seen in previous occasions that decorating with a certain color can be done in several ways, betting for a total look in that hue or introducing small details on a neutral basis. In this case, I invite you to put decorative elements such as vases, pictures, cushions, a carpet … blue. With the white walls, for example, it will look great. And if all those objects are blue the sensation will be very refreshing and serene at the same time.

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All in blue

But the other option can also look great, if you know how to do it correctly. And with that I mean that it is possible to decorate a room totally in blue (walls, furniture, decoration …) without it being something overwhelming or too overloaded. How? By playing with the different ranges and nuances of this color and lowering it with some white or a very soft blue. Look at this example. The carpet, which also has blue tones, is the one that clarifies this room in which everything is blue. But being light tones combined with some darker does not saturate the space.

blue decoration
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Blue in the bedroom

Being a color that invites to rest the blue is very suitable for the bedroom. You can use it in bedding, cushions and curtains, to paint the wall of the headboard, in a piece of furniture such as an armchair or in the decorative objects of this room.

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