Office decorating trends 2016

Since we have no choice but to go to work, it better be in a pleasant space, do not you think? Companies are well aware of the importance of creating a good working environment in improving the performance of workers. Of course, decorating the space has a lot to do with it. So, from time to time it is important that employers make changes in offices to improve conditions for employees. In these cases, it is best to keep abreast of current trends, because they are closely related to the current needs in the workplace.

If you’re thinking about renovating the office, we recommend you do not miss anything of what we tell you then, as today we will discuss the trends in decorating these spaces by 2016. Would you like to join us?

Office Decoration
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Open spaces

One trend that continues to rise for quite some time is to create open offices, which means getting rid of the walls and enhance the visual amplitude. Thus, greater collaboration between employees is achieved, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, it is positive to enhance creativity. However, many offices will continue using some elements to separate environments. In this sense, the glass partitions that let in light and do not interfere too much in the perception of space, will be the true protagonists of 2016. Others, however, bet for other methods to divide rooms, such as using different colors or materials.

Office Decoration
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Spaces co-working

Regardless of whether it is open or divided by walls office is important that you have spaces that enhance the co-working, i.e. teamwork.In fact, the creation of such zones is one of the trends in decoration of offices 2016. Large desks or relaxation areas with different seats are increasingly common in offices. In addition, this year also gain prominence spaces of leisure in the offices, where you can find ping-pong tables, billiards, table football, relaxation areas…

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Industrial style

When decorating an office it is important to consider the style that will dominate space. Today minimalism remains one of the options chosen, but this year what really takes work spaces are industrial style, a type of decoration based on the lofts that emerged in New York in the early 50. In this type of space dominated by neutral and dark colors, especially gray and brown; structural elements in sight (brick walls, cables, pipes, plumbing, beams …); pieces of furniture looking tired and preferably dark wood; and metal details.

Office Decoration
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Natural elements

Moreover, you should know that one of the trends of decoration in 2016 is the presence of natural elements in the space, which can also be applied in the world of offices. So it is a good idea to include in the color space that can be found in nature, especially land, green and blue, which promote concentration. Of course, it is also important to place plants and flowers, which are very beneficial in work environments. In this sense, increasingly they are taking center stage vertical gardens. On the other hand, know that this year the decoration eco-friendly that is, bet on natural materials and recycled or recyclable elements, and is one of the major trends in decorating offices.

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