How to decorate small houses with little money

Decorate small home

The decor is fundamental to our mood, for a colorful environment, peaceful and comfortable can make us feel happier, while another with little space opposite. Often we think of decorating our room elaborate ways, but we do not realize that, in fact, do not need much to beautify the design of our space. With simple materials, it is easy to make our house look as beautiful as ever imagine. Decorate your home becomes a personal benefit for the simple fact of reaching a beautiful place, but can also result in a very exciting project that will fill satisfaction once you’re done. We present ideas that do not need to invest a large budget to decorate your home and fill it with life. Your house number since with simple nails will give a beautiful touch.

Decorate small home
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In addition, you can make the base of your bed with some wooden boards. If you have many saved laymen, you could stick them to a wall and make a decoration that everyone will want to have. It occupies the rear space of your stairs to place your favorite books. You can place your fruits or fresh bread in corvettes function as shelves. You will surprise your guests with just a framework and some metal hooks; you will make a perfect fob. Recycle your bottles and a wooden board for a shelf with several spaces, your items will not be scattered throughout the house with this invention. As a simple bed base which also can put your best books. In many homes placed its night lights shine without the intensity of a spotlight.

We leave you easy instructions so that you too can do it. No one will believe that your stools are made of tire and you will not cost you a dime if you have some that no longer serve. However, a pile of crates to use as your favorite furniture or simply a table with different spaces to place the things that can not miss in your room. A mirror decorated with cans of your favorite beverage. A grill in the trunk of the abandoned brooch you no longer use. You thought you could use a ladder as a bookseller? Here is a simple idea. All these wines you tried may have a useful result, as the following these ideas. Reuse your cans of tuna to make a beautiful decoration in your room, which can be used as shelves or holders. Separate spaces at home with a wall of cardboard rolls. A mirror decorated with hundreds of spoons. With just a few tables can better use the space on your desktop make a vintage close-up with an old window and your best memories.

When finally you have your own home seems like a dream comes true. However, the investment you have done makes you think how to decorate small houses with little money. Do not worry, it is not difficult and you can do very original forms.

Decorate small home
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Some little details

The importance of home decoration is in the details. Therefore, be original and looks easy ideas and practices with little money.

For example, you can put shelves on a wall, and among the things necessary you can also include some decorative elements.

To save space, you can also hang the television and not use stand furniture. If you want to put anything more beautiful, add color panels behind the support.

In the bathroom, put a nice shade under the sink to make a makeshift closet and cheap. All will be behind that curtain and you can hide certain items such as cleaning supplies or toilet paper, also add some furniture such as a table or chair instead of investing in bathroom furniture.

In the fourth it uses several shades that combine to paint a wall to avoid that area, while giving the impression that the space is larger and there is window behind the fabric.

Buy cushions that give life to your home, it’s a good way to renew seats that are especially boring at first sight.

A good and affordable way to make spaces seem larger is to use mirrors as they are also decorative. Here we will show you some use of mirrors for decoration

Decorate small home
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Using mirrors to decorate

Decorating with mirrors is a fundamental idea to create stylish environments. The mirrors are those objects that whatever style you have in your home work perfectly, great mate and yourself you can change trend easily.

I usually advise to use mirrors to decorate almost every room in the house. Here I will show you some of the ideas of decorating with mirrors that are key in terms of location, dimensions, space utilization, as well as you should avoid because they have good consequences.

Ideas for decorating with mirrors

Mirrors are reflected not only for oneself but also the environment where it is installed and there are two of its main functions when used functionally because decoratively also look perfectly.

So I advise key locations where they cannot leave room: the room or bedroom, bathroom, living room and dressing room. This is practically essential presence.

Mirrors to decorate every room

When you want a mirror to dress recommend you opt for the stand, especially if we talk about decorating bedrooms or when dressing. The long standing favors the girls, so they are ideal for rooms of girls. While in the bath can be small, only toilet and the receiver of any of the above two ways.

Its decor may well involve home so you will find them square, rectangular, circular, triangular, and even irregular shapes. Always take care that the surface is sufficient to reflect everything you need, so that you are comfortable on looking at you.

Decorate small home
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Living decoration

If we talk about using mirrors to decorate rooms, its application is mostly decorative, so you can use combinations of these areas by systems like puzzles or similar solutions.

The essential thing is the reflection mirrors therefore and as a result, expand the spaces. In small places they are great to make them look much bigger. You can use them to enhance dimensions or to recreate the outside indoors, if you place yourself strategically in front of a window. Not to mention that serves to increase the lighting.

What not to do with mirrors?

For the location of a mirror you have to consider where you will place and therefore the space you are going to take advantage to do so.

If you have a large wall and a small mirror, complementally with other elements such as tables, cabinets, tables, because if you leave any of this way over a large area the result will be negative.

Neither put outside the gates as reflected elsewhere in the house and therefore will be isolated from the room plus it will look for in this if you see it from the outside.

Using mirrors to decorate a real saved as the mirror is a key ally and a wise always in decoration.

Decorate small home
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The big changes

Probably one of the things that changed a new home is painting. However, if you cannot spend on paint for the walls, you can choose to paint only one of a contrasting color, or put a paper tape or paint the furniture instead of walls.

Choose colors to paint the house is never easy, especially if you know you can influence not only the decor of your home but also can affect your mood! Each color conveys some particular and some colors are more appropriate for certain areas than others.

You must carefully choose the color you want and note that should fit the style of furniture you have. Do not worry about following the colors that are trends in decoration, it is important to reflect the personality of household members.

Dare to try the colors you like and take a chance, can often result in very interesting combinations. Then I will show some appropriate colors to paint the walls of the home.

Decorate small home
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To keep things, especially in more rustic places like the kitchen, choose furniture that look open shelves, metal, wicker. Try to add a few baskets to make it more decorative. You will see that they are cheap furniture that take up little space and can store many things.

If the soil is unable but do not have money to do the work, you can buy carpets. The largest are considerably more expensive, so you can take advantage of small and put your own style combining.

Invest in a large library of good quality, even if it costs a little face allows you to save a lot of things, and at the same time give a decorative air if put into it small details.

Place it somewhere in between the house and the dishes and put books on top, baskets or crates with linens, office supplies and extras at the bottom. In the fourth, using an ordinary table, buy a beautiful fabric to cover it, and uses the top and vanity mirror and adds one hidden part as storage of shoes.

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