Small details for a very special decoration

We have always heard that it is a detail that makes the difference. And this is true in life and in the case at hand, the decoration, too. Because those little things, those special touches, care, these decorative details that manage to make a stay unique, special and full of personality. Today we will look at various thoughts that can help you design a different interior with very little. Of course, you will find that it is the personal touch that dial your own difference and, therefore, make that decoration into something extraordinary.

Special Decoration
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Sometimes just one very special photograph to completely change the decor of a room.Find one that you like or more if you want to do some composition, and decorate with it through different ways to hang with or without frame.

Personal items

Memories of a journey, a picture painted by you or a family member, a musical instrument if you are a musician, anything that is yours or someone you evoke particular can be used to decorate. Wherever you place it with elegance and restraint, not anything goes, it is to do well and give little touches to your decor. The more personal the subject will be decoration that is more special where you incorporate. Sometimes it may be enough to put your favorite book on the coffee table.

Special Decoration
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Crafts and DIY creations

What do you love that saying “I have done” when someone says he loves this decorative object of your home? Creativity always likes, and if you made ​​with your own hands you make sure it is unique, there will be no equal. You can restore furniture, make your own photo frames, one lamp for the living room or even develop a natural air freshener for your home smell great. Let your imagination and see how you find the distinctive detail.

Antique objects

If you like, decoration vintage you can include in any old object in your decor to make your stay copper a new life. Rummaging in the attic of your grandparents to find what makes a difference, furniture or a decorative element that can be reused in your home. In the antique fairs, you can also make you very special things and few people will…

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The plants in the decor

One of the small decorative details that I like is that of plants and flowers. Strategically placed and well chosen are able to give a wonderful touch to any room, from the lounge to the bathroom or in the kitchen. Much life and joy to your home.

Special Decoration
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The lighting

Lighting must grant the importance it deserves.It is an aspect functional but also decorative, because if you want that distinctive touch, that one detail, you should opt for lamps that by its design or location will help transform environments. Classic, retro, modern industrial … Style They come in many types, you just have to be able to find the one that best fits the style of your home.

Textiles unique details

One of the aspects that I like to surprise and make a difference is with textiles. Sometimes seemingly, simple cushions can be very decorative; a well-chosen quilt will be able to give a unique personality to your bedroom, or a beautiful fabric in upholstery chairs. Modern, retro or industrial style, color, texture or pattern of the fabric wills that work for this decoration.

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