Colors to paint the dining room

Although it has lost prominence in recent years, the dining room is still an important room in the home. And, although many take daily meals in the kitchen or living room coffee table is in this space where we celebrate meals and family dinners with friends. Therefore, we must not neglect its decoration. In this sense, the choice of colors of the walls is critical because it influence both the perception of space and mood of people.

Par lends a hand when making this important decision today RealOrigin we propose some of the best colors to paint the dining room. Would you like to join us?

Dining room
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Before choosing the color

Before decanter for color, it is important that you consider a few factors. So, you should consider the size of the room, considering that if small you will not decanter dark tones; and the natural light in space, because if it is a little room light is better to choose light colors. You should also think about the style and colors of your furniture, especially if you want a balanced decor. In addition, if the dining room is connected to other rooms, you will decanter tone that fit with them. Of course, you can always highlight some of the walls a different color from the rest.


Now that we’ve already talked about the factors you should consider when choosing colors to paint the dining room, we propose some of the best for this space. So, we want to start talking about the white, which is ideal for all types of eaters, but more especially for those few square meters and little natural light. Another major advantage of white is that it is ideal for any decorative style and combines perfectly with all kinds of furniture. Therefore, it is the safest choice.

Dining room
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Other neutral colors

If the target does not just convince you, you can also choose other neutral colors, except black, which is not recommended to paint the dining room walls. Thus, for example, it is very good idea to opt for the cream tones that convey serenity, elegance and warmth. On the other hand, you should know that a neutral color that is very fashionable right now is gray, an excellent choice for dining. Yes, it is always preferable that you probably go for the more shades clear. In the case of brown, but can also give excellent results; they are suitable only in large dining rooms with natural light.

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Red, orange and yellow

Many experts recommend decoration paint the walls of the dining room in warm colors, favoring lighting and are happier than neutral and cold. Among the most commonly used warm colors are red, which stimulates the appetite. Of course, if you decant this color, you must combine it with other softer as the color white to reduce its strength. Also highly recommended are the oranges and yellows, colors that bring a dose of joy to the dining room.

Dining room
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Blue and green

Finally, we want to tell you about the cold colors, but are more suitable for rooms such as the bedroom and bathroom for its relaxing effect; they can also be perfectly in the dining room, especially if the room is small with few square meters and choose light shades of these colors. Related nature, these two colors are very fashionable right now.

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