Ideas to combine colors in interiors

combine colors in interiors

The colors have a direct influence on our mood. It is the psychology of color and in decoration they play a fundamental role. There are many ways to use them, and today I want to show you several ideas to create effective combinations of tones to design a home where you feel comfortable.

The color wheel can help you make these combinations; you can choose analogous colors (neighbors) or complementary colors (those in front), for example. But let’s see it in a more practical way through concrete proposals. Give color to your house!

combine colors in interiors
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Monochromatic decoration

A first option is to bet everything to a single color. It does not mean that you have to put all of that tonality, walls, furniture, accessories … You can use it as a base and introduce different intensities within the same range, for example, or use a white base and place the rest of objects in that main color. If the color you choose is very intense it will always be good to reduce it with some white or neutral tones.

Analogous colors

I already told you at the beginning. One way to combine colors is to take the chromatic wheel and play with a color and its neighboring tones. This creates quite harmonious and balanced environments, and you can make some very interesting combinations. And I tell you the same as before, if you bet on the intense tones a touch of white or neutral will go great to your decoration.

combine colors in interiors
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Combination with complementary colors

Now we take the color wheel and we look at the tones that are opposite, one in front of the other. They are complementary and also offer the most interesting combinations. Yellow and purple is a very effective one. Remember that the Ultra Violet is the color of the year 2018 and that it is wonderful in the decoration. Blue and orange also coexist very well. You can use them on walls and furniture, on furniture and textiles … It’s time to play.

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Colors to create sensations

Colors can help you generate certain sensations inside the house. For example, if you want a room to appear visually larger and brighter, light shades, pastels, or white will be your best allies. They look great in small rooms or in narrow corridors. To give depth in a large room you can paint one of the walls in a strong color, the headboard in the bedroom or the sofa in the living room, for example.

If the room is very square you can paint two walls, facing each other, of a strong color and leaving the other two in a clear tone.

Also, you know that some colors are related to certain emotions : green and blue favor serenity; orange and earth tones are warm; red, energetic; Black is associated with elegance and yellow stimulates creativity.

combine colors in interiors
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Brushstrokes of color in the details

One way to introduce colors in the decoration is through the details. The textiles can help you do this. On a neutral or white base, for example, it fills the room with color by placing cushions, rugs or curtains with more striking tonalities that highlight and bring a touch of joy.

Find the balance

If you want to color your decor and you like the intense ones, you may find yourself, suddenly, with a somewhat oppressive and even visually smaller room. For this it is necessary that you create a balance leaving the most intense tone for a wall, for example, and some smaller detail, and using a soft or neutral tone for the rest. If the room has good natural lighting the strong colors will not saturate, but be careful if you use them in small rooms.

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