How to create a relaxing and decorative chill out at home

Would you like to take home a place where you can disconnect from the daily routine, read a book or where to get your friends and enjoy a pleasant evening in good company? The thoughts I bring you today you will serve to design a relaxing and decorative chill out area, both outside and inside of your home, a special place where you find tranquility that sometimes we get forgotten in the office or at anywhere else … Let’s get it back!

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The essentials of your chill out

No matter where ubiques your chill out corner. There are elements that cannot miss, and these are great and comfortable cushions, a low table, a cozy rug, blanket or even some textiles to decorate, and some scented candles to help you acclimate this space. Later, it depends on if you place it inside or outside to add other elements like a hammock for outdoor use, for example.

Ideas for a chill out area on the terrace

We start with the outside area as we had stayed in it … These corners are great especially for summer evenings. You can decorate by placing some furniture from natural fibers, not very high, or pallets who take the sofa. No shortage cushions and you can add some bulbs or hanging lanterns that help create that atmosphere as comfortable and cozy. Put some carpet and some plants. Your space to relax is ready!

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The cushions

Cushions, these essential elements in this type of decoration are getting a lot of play. You can use fabrics with neutral colors and bohemian style, or with oriental airs and tones. Yes, big and far more comfortable overstuffed will this space, and is that what is sought is precisely relaxation and nothing better than to find a comfortable reclining on cushions…

The lighting

To illuminate the chill out area have seen any proposals. You can also choose to place some candles that provide that perfect dim light to achieve this climate of serenity you are looking for in your chill out area.

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How to get more privacy

An idea to give this space an extra intimacy involves placing a fabric that insulates this area from the rest. Put her with warm colors to offer a cozy atmosphere.

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Chill out corner inside

But this decoration is not reserved only for the exterior of your home. Also you can create in your home, to have a space for reading, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a nice conversation with your friends.

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Ideas for a chill out space indoors

Here, as outside, they cannot miss the big comfy cushions of which we have spoken. The can combine with a poufs. Put a rug on the floor or not very high mattress covered with nice fabrics. It is convenient to have places where you can lie and sit. Add a low table to place candles or tea that you are taking your time off.


When choosing colors, shades commitment are happy but not too gaudy, because of what it is to design an environment that promotes relaxation; the use of certain colors can affect us more than they should or even depressed. It is not what we want. Some ideas: use white as the basis for larger items and add touches of color through the cushions, carpet, a vase … Wooden furniture or natural fibers are a perfect complement.

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