Simple ideas for clean and perfect house

clean and perfect house

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Imperfection is beauty.”Those little details that make us special, also make us beautiful and unique.However, in this article, we want tohelpdecorate the house almost perfect.Alternatively, at least, come asclose as possible to this ideal.

We tell you what details must have to be considered impeccable decor.Do you rent to clean and organize a house magazine?Let’s do it!

clean and perfect house
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Plan your schedule

To get our house is always nice and well organized, good planning is key to achieving this. Organize your week to dedicate each day to a room of the house.

In this article, we recommend you start on Monday with the bathroom and leave it spotless to start the week in the best way possible.Ideally,you start withallthose tasks that annoy usto check themoff our list of things as soon aspossible.

On Tuesday you can organize, the kitchen is another space that more effort cleaning and maintenance involved.However, we can always adapt this agenda to our own needs.The important thing is clear:the sooner, thebetter!

As the week progresses webegin to notice the accumulated fatigue, so it may be a good idea to allocatethe spaces easierto clean forthe last days of the week.So youhave these environments, such as the lounge and dining room, fully ready to receive visitors atthe weekend.

clean and perfect house
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How often we should clean

It is clear that some spaces are dirtier than others are.This is the case of the kitchen and bathroom, in front of the bedroom, the hallway and the living room.Therefore, another question we must ask is how often we clean every room of the house.

The ideal is toperformfrequent maintenanceof all these spaces, furniture and more dirty surfaces daily.For example, the furniture of the bathroom, the kitchen and the kitchen counter.

However, allthose forgotten cornersand baseboards, doorjambs, upper shelves, window sill or the radiators do not get as everyday routine.Therefore, we can clean these surfacesevery 15 days.

With the excuse ofchange of season, we can use toclean the textilesof our rooms, such as curtains, carpets, cushions and other accessories.

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Involve the whole family

Do not letanyone escapee.Cleaning and maintain house is everyone, whether we live a couple as if we do with family, friends or roommates.

In fact, the more people participate, theless effort for everyone.In this regard, itshould organize aschedule of tasks and cleaningin order to ensure maximum efficiency.

clean and perfect house
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Important details to consider

For the cleaning and maintenance of your house are easier to bear, in this article, we recommend you avoid this innate tendency to postpone the responsibilities and accumulate things we do not need.Get rid of all the things that you do not need and so cleaning is easier and effective.

Also, make sure youhave at home allthe necessary cleaning products.Keep this well organized and purchase special products for each surface, material or fabric in concrete space.For example, for natural fibers should use a mild detergent and low abrasion that does not damage the fabric.

Do not forget to also remove dust from theceiling, which accumulates dirt, likethe wallsand even the switches.In addition, remember tocleanalwaysup anddown, this way you willavoid dirtying what you have already cleaned.

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