The great thing about grass

A huge amount of the earth is covered in it, and we get most of our cereals from versions of it. Grass is also one of the most decorative plants that you can own, plus it’s easy to maintain. All you need is a decent lawn mower by a decent make like a Mountfield. These are so highly regarded that enthusiasts will keep Mountfield Parts so that they don’t suffer from lack of use if they break down. The best place to get some is There are some quite incredible facts about Grass. Here are some things you may not know about this hardy garden addition.

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  1. Grass is a source of food for almost all land-based animals on earth. It’s hard to think how we would survive without grass and grasses. Not only does it provide the food source for livestock like sheep, goats and cows, its variations like oat and barley have kept human civilisations going for thousands of years.
  2. Of all the plant life on the planet, twenty-six percent of it is made up of grasses. From the dry baked hardiness of the African savannahs, the rolling plains of the North American Midwest and the deep green hills of the European Alpine ranges, grass dominates.

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  1. Grass is good for the house price. It’s been found that a decent looking lawn out the front and back of the house is liable to put several thousands of pounds of value on it. People like the fact they can have barbecues and general carousing with plenty of space. Conservative estimates agree that at least 20% can be counted on.
  2. It can keep down temperatures around the home. Grass, like trees, is able to absorb heat as it looks to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Studies have shown that up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit can be recovered. This should save you the expense of turning up the air-con.

We all have to try and play a part in reducing climate change. Planting a lawn is one of the ways we can do that. It helps to reduce air temperature and improve air quality by picking up pollen and dust particles. All in all, it’s an affordable and easy to maintain way of making sure the world is just that little bit greener for future generations.

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