Garden Trends to Follow in Summer 2017

Summer is the time of year when people come out of their houses to explore the outer world. This automatically drives their attention towards outdoor spaces like porch, pool or patio. You dont want your garden to give a dull impression during the bright summer season, right? Transform it into a refreshing and enjoyable place for your friends and family and an awe-inspiring sight for random onlookers.

Garden experts, Oeco Garden Rooms make it easy for you to revamp your garden with these amazing garden trends of 2017, that can be repurposed all around the year.

  1. Plan a Proper Garden Setup

A proper garden setup is a must before incorporating decorations in your garden. The layout you decide should make the garden look spacious, so your family can feel relaxed while hanging out. Provide different structures like flower beds, hedges, fences, stone pathway and entrance gate in specified corners.

You can also include a swing set for your children if you want to cover some space. Earthy structures like rocks, shrubs and boulders enhance the natural look of the garden.

  1. Use Vibrant Colors for a Pop-up Effect

There is no limit of colours when it comes to the exterior of your house. Your garden should look gorgeous. To achieve this pop-up effect, use some bright and vivid colours in your yard.

Summer flowers like Gloriosa Daisy and Peonies can bring your garden to life with their bold shades and sweet fragrances. Gloriosa Daisy can grow up to 3.5ft tall and its yellow and orange petals attract melodious and beautiful creatures like humming bird, bees and butterflies. Similarly, the purple-shaded Peony with its alluring fragrance looks stunning in full bloom and is easy to maintain.

  1. Make Use of Garden Embellishments

You dont just need flowers to integrate colours in your garden, you can use garden decorations as well. The use of garden furniture and structures is the hottest garden trend of 2017. They complete the look of your green space giving it a luxurious touch.

Painting garden structures with vibrant hues will evoke the playful atmosphere of the garden. Paint the sheds and fences in attractive shades. You can even opt for chalk painted stonework in your garden. Fountains and garden statues create a centre point around which the whole garden can be built. Use colour contrasts to make sure the furniture shines through amid the richly coloured flowers.

  1. Illuminate Your Garden with Lights

Lights can induce the ambience of any space, even your garden. Dont let your garden lose its sparkle after the sun sets, it can still continue to enchant everyone with the lovely LED lighting. LED lights are long-lasting, cost-effective, energy-efficient and more durable than traditional lights. They come in vast array of colours to fit your mood. Having the tendency to be controlled with a smartphone, LED lights are a convenient choice. They look best dangling from the sheds, hung across the trees and carefully lined along the fence to illuminate your path.

If you want to create a Mediterranean feel in your patio, caf lighting and extendable lights are best for the job. Solar lights are also trending this year and provide an efficient lighting solution.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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