Why You Should Keep Original Features In Your Period Property

Many people who buy a period property want to be able to “keep it period”. They want to be able to enjoy the house as long as they live in it. If you buy a period home with period features that are not easily maintained, you are likely to have maintenance problems in the future; it’s not inconceivable that you may not be able to keep those features forever. However, there are ways to keep original features in your period property, so that you can enjoy all the things you fell in love with.

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If you keep original features in your period property, you won’t want to have to pay these high repair bills but will want to keep your house in better condition for longer. Should any of the original timber need replacing, be sure to consider what’s on offer at a Timber Merchants Salisbury like Timbco

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There are some downsides to period homes – period houses are typically older houses, and this means that they have aged and will need to be fixed up if they are going to be enjoyed for many years to come. Another thing to consider is that period properties are usually situated in less than ideal locations and this can affect transportation and access to work, for example. It may also make it harder to find parking in this area. If you are looking to buy period property, you should think carefully about whether these drawbacks are something you are willing to live with.

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