Romantic ideas for decorating with hearts

We started February, the month of love, and we do devote a special series of articles to valentine decoration.Because if you like to celebrate this day and like to do it in a special way, these ideas can help, you create a very romantic atmosphere to enjoy a nice evening in the best company. Today we will focus on one of the symbols of love hearts. If yours is pounding, do not miss anything that comes next.

Romantic ideas
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On the doorstep

If you invite your partner to dinner, receive it, as it deserves. Hang a big heart from the front door to give you a welcome full of love. You can do as a wreath or other material you like best.

Hearts in vases

Another idea that I liked is to create compositions of hearts in vases hanging them finite branches.You can do it yourself and you can use different materials: cardboard, felt, glued, hanging … And the vase, as it may be an elongated vase, another wider, even as a pitcher vintage is very cool. Look at these three examples:

Romantic ideas
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If Valentine’s dinner takes place in your living room, you can decorate hanging a few nice pins of hearts. Here, as you can before them with colored paper, patterned, red only, or cardboard, and hang with string, raffia or red wool, for example. It will take some time to prepare and the result can be very romantic. Another option is to place at the head of the bed.

Hearts hanging

The hanging hearts can fill your entire home, if you like.You can be putting several of them scattered around the house, on the door handles, on a wall, hanging chairs … Let your partner see that Love is in every room. You will see several ideas for hanging they can be felt, fabric, paper, whether or not made from wool. The beauty of this decoration is that it allows a lot of customization that you decide the color, material and shape of hanging.

Edible hearts

When I think of decorating the food I like to include it. I explain. One-way through which you can decorate with hearts this evening Valentine may be through food, both dishes with patterns or shapes of hearts as the food itself.This particular will give much play in the deserts, and you can take coffee in a pretty cup or decorate a cake chaired by hearts. Sure loves!

Romantic ideas
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There are no missing candles

In an evening full of love, the candles are an essential decorative element to design a very warm, cozy, intimate and romantic atmosphere. There are candles that are heart-shaped if you cannot find a regular place in a container that has drawn.

Colors and sizes

Valentine Hearts can have many and different formats. Of course,red is the color that symbolizes love and passion, so always be sure to include it in your decor correctly. However, you can also place them in other shades like pinks, purples, with contrasting gray, or yellow is your favorite color, yellow. The size, as you like. One huge presiding the living room, or other smaller compositions to decorate different corners. Visit more home improvement tips.

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