Roof Hanging Plants

I really like plants, I think are some very decorative and also purify the environment.And though in truth, whenever I had any plan has not lasted me a lot (except cacti are quite autonomous), much to my regret I have not managed to find the exact point of water they need, or I forget to water them or drench, but I will not give up and want to have plants in my room, so I’m determined to try again.

But I have another problem (a part of my lack of hand) and at home we have two cats that bite and Samphan everything before them and if that something has dirt and leaves … so you can be poisoned as most plants are toxic to cats.

But I am determined to try; I have not stopped to find the perfect solution … Hanging plants! As I do not think cats are able to make a pole to reach them, one of the two problems I have it solved, I’ll explain if I can solve the other…

I think hanging is really nice.The can put anywhere in the house, I personally like in a corner of the room, but if the plant needs enough moisture also could put in the bathroom, provided you have some natural light.In the bedroom we should look well the characteristics of the plant that we, the Potus, for example, would be ideal because it purifies the environment without risk of limit we oxygen at night.

Roof Hanging Plants Roof Hanging Plants2 Roof Hanging Plants3 Roof Hanging Plants4 Roof Hanging Plants5 Roof Hanging Plants6And if you also want to hang a plant and you dare to do with macrame and trapillo your own support (I’ll try) here is the step by step …
Roof Hanging Plants7Roof Hanging Plants8Roof Hanging Plants9

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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