What to Know About Carpet Beetles

Carpets are important items in your home, acting as a centre-piece in your room, creating warmth and adding insulation. However, there are many things that can harm your carpet, from dirt and spillages to insects. Read on for the things you need to know about protecting your carpet from carpet beetles.

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What Do They Look Like?

Carpet beetles are insects that damage material. They cause harm to many fabrics, including wool, silk and fur, as well as other textiles. They look like small white bugs with fine hair on the surface when young, and when they are adults they turn brown and look like ladybirds with cream spots.

When Are Carpet Beetle Active?

Carpet beetles are active all year round, but you are most likely to see them in April, May and June. These bugs like to hide in dark places where they are unlikely to be disturbed, such as behind furniture and under beds. You might catch them on windowsills looking for light after breeding time.

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How to Protect Your Carpets

There are a few things you can do to protect your carpets and rugs from carpet beetles. First, read online advice from experts such as the British Pest Control Association. Second, make sure your rooms are clutter-free is possible, and third, vacuum under the beds and behind furniture, clean out cupboards and check floorboards.

If you find evidence of carpet beetles, you should clean everywhere, including under floorboards and beneath the underlay. Check in the crevices, as they can hide in the smallest of places. If there is an infestation, you will need professional help.

Cleaning and De-Cluttering

One way to ensure a clean house is to enlist the help of professional cleaners. For example, a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company such as http://gnccontractservices.com/ can clean thoroughly throughout the home, with all carpets cleaned to a professional standard. With proper cleaning, you can reduce the chances of carpet beetles appearing in your home.

Before expert cleaning it is always best to remove any clutter. Sometimes after many years in a property it can be hard to de-clutter, but a good way to get started is to take one room at a time and fill three bags: one with items for throwing away, one for items for the local charity shop and one for items for storage.

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