Chimney Breast beauty or beast?

Many homeowners of older properties still have chimney breasts in different rooms of their homes. These features can be enhanced to add charm and elegance to a rooms dcor or they can get in the way of furniture and plans, making decorating awkward. If you have a chimney breast in your bedroom, how do you feel about it?

They sound so romantic. Perhaps you could install an open log fire and relax in bed while watching the flames flicker and hearing the gentle crackle? However, this is not a reality for most homeowners. For most, its annoyance that theres a great chimney breast sticking out into the room, meaning we cant put useful storage units there! There are two solutions to this dilemma. You either make use of the alcoves created by the chimney and place storage units in them and perhaps drawers in front. Or you can entertain the more exciting idea of a bespoke front frame only fitted wardrobe! For more details on Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

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Alcove Wardrobes

With a little measuring up and research, youre sure to find a wardrobe to fit your alcove spaces. You can help them to stand out from the recess by choosing mirrored doors, a bright aluminium frame or frosted glass for example.

You can find stand-alone units or have them fitted to the wall. Choose a tall boy for in front of the chimney breast with maybe an antique mirror above. This will give you an elegant, classy look that stylishly deals with your chimney problem.

Front frame only wardrobes

The other option for disguising a chimney breast, if this is what you desire, is to build a front frame only design around the chimney. These consist of a series of horizontal and vertical supports from which doors can be hung. There is no body, so they can effectively be constructed around any odd protrusion, such as a chimney breast.

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The supports are fitted to the walls and the doors hinged onto them. They can form part of other wardrobes with a body or be used on their own. You can build in as much or as little storage as you need inside the front frame only wardrobe. Internal panels can be constructed to provide a space for shelving or hanging rails.

So, now its possible to see that even with a chimney breast sticking out into the room, there are options in how to incorporate it into your dcor or how to build around it to still make good use of the space available.


Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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