Choose Correctly Large Square Planters

Large Square Planters

Square pots look very original and many growers prefer to stop their choice on this form. But how to make the right choice, so that the flower pot was beautiful and also comfortable and convenient for your plant? A large square flower planter can be purchased at the Internet shop Here you can find stunning design, different materials and quality types of square pots. To make it easier for you to make a choice choose a special section where there are pots of only a square shape.

If you have already chosen a form, then you need to choose the location of your flower – it will be an indoor or outdoor flower. For street pots, use concrete or stone, such material will be reliable and durable. For indoor plants with a large pot, there is more choice. First of all, large square planters should be light, so you can move it comfortably, stand it in the sun or stand your plant in the shade. Design can be chosen according to your personal taste and the general furnishing in the interior, but the materials we will consider in more detail.

The choice of design

In this online store, there is a large selection of different colors, patterns and styles. Square flowerpots will decorate your house or garden, so you can express your design taste. Specialists wanted to develop a trendy fashion trend shades and colors, so that any planter perfectly combined with your interior.

Correct weight

Some pots have a light weight, for example plastic. There are heavy pots of stone or polystone. But here you need to take into account the size of the flower pot, which in the future will be filled with the ground and its weight will become heavier, because the size is large. Many growers choose fiberglass, because these planters are very durable and safe for plants. Pots made of stone and concrete are more compatible with street design; they are very heavy and not exposed to temperature differences.

The suitable size

We have already decided that we choose only the largest pot for your flower or plant. The large size will be very convenient for the root system, and the square shape will allow the flower to grow roots directly, rather than in a circle (as in round pots). You will not need to change the pot for a long time, because a large flower planter will allow your flower to have a place for the root system with a margin. But it depends on the type of plant, the size and rate of growth of its roots. Most often, a large pot is used for several years, until the flower needs to be transplanted into even more size (for example, a jumbo).

The choice of material

  • This material is strong and has not a very big weight. The design of such pots is varied, with different patterns and paintings. But the clay pots are very fragile and the flower can fall. But if you choose a large ceramic planter then you could be sure – it will be stable.
  • Heavy metal pots of large size are comfortable for tall plants. Inside, the roots dry quickly if the flower stays on the sun – it is necessary to water it more often.
  • This is an impeccable choice, because these pots are durable, lightweight and inexpensive. Appearance is stunning; many people might think that this is a natural material.
  • This is an excellent maintenance of the temperature and the required level of moisture. This material is convenient for moderate climate and for outdoor plants.
  • Hardwoods of trees will not allow the roots of the plant to rot. Wooden flower pots keep the soil moist well. It should be remembered that the wood planters can become slightly larger, as they absorb moisture and expand.
Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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