Latest Catering Trends and Outlook for 2016 and Beyond

In a recent report released by the Innovation Group (part of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence), the effects of advanced technology and digital media enhancements are explained alongside what trends are to come in food and drink.

Latest Catering Trends and Outlook for 2016 and Beyond

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General Trends

The data highlighted a number of things, including:

Dining out is a cultural experience according to 80 per cent of US Millennials, demonstrating how personal identity is related to food culture.
Helping society to become healthier is key to 79 per cent of UK Millennials and 93 per cent of US Millennials, as they would support brands who look to do this.
Compared to several years ago, 72 per cent of UK and US Millennials will select high-quality or gourmet food over others.
22 per cent of Boomers are likely to share pictures of drink and food, while 72 per cent of UK and US Millennials will do this.
Wearables and apps that monitor healthy living are used by over 50 per cent of UK and US Millennials.
21 per cent of Boomers and 62 per cent of UK and US Millennials believe that meal preparation has been made far easier by online food delivery services.

Whether its a company selling commercial warewashers, such as, or a consumer looking for something different, increased awareness and the digital age are driving rapid changes in the food and drink industry.

Food Trends

Meat- and plant-based products are becoming indistinguishable from one another, with many opting for both.
Self-driving cars, delivery-only restaurants and curated deliveries are all set to take over from ordering takeaways on mobile devices.
Chefs and brands are placing increased emphasis on fats by introducing them into ingredients and products.
As the saying goes, your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and many consumers are now being compelled towards certain products through food imagery that is released on social media platforms.


With the US seeing a rise in the number of states that have legalised cannabis, an increasing number of drinks have been given THC infusions. Many consumers also believe that over the next ten years cannabis will become as accepted by society as alcohol.
Healthier mixers are been sought out for those drinking alcohol as they try to combine healthy living with self-indulgence.
With new cocktails being introduced by mixologists, cocktails are making a comeback.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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