Office trends of 2020

The furniture you choose for your office is one of the most important things about creating a modern and productive workspace. Furniture for offices can be functional and attractive, making your working life easier, or it can hinder creativity and be literally a pain in the neck. Here is a list of furniture trends that are set to be big this year. Once you have chosen your furniture you might need to transport it to your building of choice especially if the furniture is far away.  If you have several pieces that you need collecting and delivering including tables and chairs then you might consider hiring a Same Day Courier Slough firm found at links like

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Breakout Spaces

Spaces for quality breaks from the screen are important for staff. These spaces can encourage collaboration away from the work desk, giving you a space to eat together and chat. These spaces can be multi-functional and used as an informal meeting room as well as a chill-out zone. Having an effective breakout space can boost productivity, as staff have an area where they can recharge and return refreshed.

Feature Storage

Storage is an important part of any office, and having sets of drawers with easy access is vital for storing essential office items. The trend for 2017 is expected to be large storage units with individual drawers. These units can also act as dividers in offices without the need for partitions. If an office has hot desks, storage can be tight as it is not easy to accommodate everyone’s items at the same desk. Good storage is ideal to help with the hot-desk environment, as it would enable hot-deskers to feel they can personalise their space more, which is good for staff morale.

Built-in Power Sockets

Items of furniture with power sockets are set to take the office world by storm this year. Chairs and tables with power sockets will enable people to charge their phones and plug in their laptops wherever they are in the office. Building the power sockets into the furniture will hide unsightly and potentially dangerous cables. Power sockets have the potential to be built into most furniture in the office and can turn any item into a highly functional workstation.

Meeting-Room Pods

These meeting-room pods are attractive enclosed spaces for group chat and relaxed collaboration. These pods are like mini-meeting rooms or ‘meeting booths’ and are ideal to use for breaking up the high levels of noise often found in open-plan offices. The pods can be assembled and disassembled in less than an hour, making them the ideal mobile office space.

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Nickolas Hunter

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