Updating your Bathrooms in Preparation to Sell your Home

Updating the bathrooms in your home is a selling point. It is also a renovation that usually sees a return on the investment when the home sells. Homebuyers are not keen on remodeling bathrooms and is often a deal-breaker in terms of making an offer. It is important to take the time to make at least some updates to increase the selling value of your home and to attract more potential buyers.

View Local Trends in Design
While preparing for bathroom remodeling San Diego homeowners often think that the design has to be modern and flashy. This is not the case for all neighborhoods in the area. It is ideal to remodel the bathroom to suit the style of home you own. For example, if you own a modern home then modern amenities would be appropriate, but if your home is Victorian you will want to research the Victorian era to ensure that the design matches the theme. Even if the style of your home is retro or vintage, it can still be remodeled to look modern and flashy.


Consider Alternative Materials
The cost of materials varies by material type. For instance, marble and quartz vanity tops are far more costly than granite. Ceramic tile is more expensive than a laminate option. The benefit of alternative materials is not just the cost but the fact that these materials are designed to look high-end and like the high-end options. In some cases, alternative materials last longer and are easier to maintain which is attractive to potential homebuyers.
Remember, you are selling this home, you don’t have to spend top dollar to achieve a high-dollar look.

Maintain your Budget
Obtain multiple estimates from local contractors. From here, you can determine an appropriate budget. Within that budget, a contingency fund should also be in place. The contingency amount should be at least 25-percent above your total budget to cover unforeseen issues. One of the best ways to stay on budget is to ensure that your contractor stays on schedule. Extra labor hours add up fast and easily blow budgets.

Closing Thoughts
Even if you are not selling your home, these tips will help you update the bathrooms in your home to suit your family’s preferred style. When updating the bathrooms in your home, it is a good idea to choose a design that trends often or is timeless. Doing so makes your home more attractive to potential homebuyers, as remodeling won’t be necessary as trends change.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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