How to Prevent Leaves from Cluttering Your Gutter

Most of us are aware that cleaning out our gutters is a chore that we dont always want to do. Its a necessary hassle, especially during autumn when leaves are in abundance, but there is a way it can be avoided if you have gutter protectors. Although they dont prevent all debris from entering your gutters, they can significantly lower the amount that fills them up and how often you have to clean them out. After after the initial investment, you’ll be saving both time and money and preventing any water damage to your home by not having to extensively clean your gutters out every year.

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Tools Needed for the Job

Before you start, make sure you have the following on hand: ladder, gloves, hose, bucket, gutter protector and a scoop to remove any leaves and debris.

Steps to Take

Before you can add any gutter protectors, make sure youve cleaned out any leaves and waste from inside your gutters. If you notice any damage to your fascia boards, you may have to replace them with UPVC fascia and soffits. Once the gutters are free of any remains, it’s a good idea to wash out the guttering to ensure maximum cleanliness and flow of water through the guttering and downspout.

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Gutters are designed for easy access to the inside for cleaning, and youll find a metal clip which is attached to the guard in front of the gutter. They snap to the front of your gutter and the back is slipped under the shingles and can be seen from underneath. Made from PVC and coming in different colours and various types to suit your gutters, they’ll provide a certain level of protection.

When cleaning your gutters, you can install the plastic mesh foam filter from under the gutter ferrules in order to prevent them from blowing away during high winds. Its attached to the front, while the back slips under the shingles, preventing leaves from landing into the gutters without stopping water running through. For further protection, ask for professional advice from companies such as to see if anything else needs upgrading.

Once youve installed your gutter protection, continue to check the gutters for debris on a regular basis – although it shouldn’t be such an annoying task once installed!

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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