8 colors to bring light to your home

Color your home

If your house is small one of the handiest tricks that visually appear larger is to decorate it with certain colors that can bring light and thus get the rooms look more spacious and cozy. By using the same tone for a room, you can give that extra light you need your little flat but what colors you choose? With these eight ideas, we will see below you will achieve your home has a larger appearance.

1. White

The white is the most bright and pure color that exists. In it reflects natural light and that makes it appear that the spaces are wider. You can use it on walls and furniture and leave some concession to more vivid colors for a small supplement, such as a flower or a decorative object.

Color your home
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2. Beige

If you fancy a touch of warmth to your home beige will be a very appropriate color, since it is cozy and also serves you to take advantage of natural light entering through the windows, giving a feeling of more spaciousness to the rooms. Like white, you can use it on furniture or walls, with contrasting color through decorative accessories or combined with other colors or other colors of the same color gamut.

3. Earth Tones

Earth tones are ideal environments to design very cozy and comfortable. They look great in the living room and even in the bathroom, not to mention the bedrooms. In these colors brown, yellow and red are included; some nuances that combined properly fill your rooms light and therefore appear larger.

Color your home
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4. Light gray

Although it may seem a dull, the fact is that the light gray to brighten get a small room, always using a tone soft and not one intense. It is elegant and if you combine it with white can create a very careful and sophisticated interior. And light, which is what it is.

5. Light Blue

For a stay light it is recommended that you play with the light shades or pastel. In the case of blue, it is a cold ideal color for a bedroom because it is synonymous with tranquility and calm. To get to give more depth to the room you can combine it with elements of glass, for example. The light blue is beautiful on the walls and white, or vice versa furniture, used in furniture and textile on white walls.

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6. Yellow

Yellow is a warm color that gets plenty of light to any space, even if betting a livelier range, although the pastel colors are so common, most welcoming and bright. If you like this color you can enter it in the walls and in furniture or textiles. Combined with white offers a spectacular result, do not you think?

Color your home
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7. Light Green

Another shade ideal for bedrooms and work areas is light green, because it is a color that helps to calm the mind and soothe the body. It is a bright tone that will get your fill light stays always used in its clear variants or cake. If you want to avoid saturating, you can leave only a green wall and the rest blank.

8. Pink cake

Rose Quartz color was the color of the year 2016 and we saw how we could introduce it into the decor. It is a soft hue and cozy you can use it on walls or furniture. For the feeling of light and space is greater can play with other shades of the same range, but you can always break the monotony of monochrome with a decorative object contrast.

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