7 ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

One of the Christmas elements par excellence is the tree. We have already seen several proposals to make one with your own hands, and today I want to show you some ideas for decorating your Christmas tree an always beautiful, more traditional or more original, with so Nordic style or minimalist. What it is about is that this ornament is integrated into the decoration of your home and reflects the way you feel like living Christmas. We get to work to dress our tree!

Decorate the Christmas
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1 – Balls of many colors

We started with a cheerful and very colorful proposal. It is to put on your Christmas tree balls of many colors, creating a fun rainbow tree in which all colors are represented. You can place them on a traditional spruce of green color or on a white tree, where the colors will stand out much more.

2 – Tree decorated in white color

If the target is your favorite Christmas color, you can put, as I said, a tree with branches of this color or go for ornaments in this key. They will look great if you decide to make a Nordic decoration but will actually fit in any environment because the white strikes with everything and offers a very serene result.

Decorate the Christmas
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3 – Tree with stars

Although the balls are the typical Christmas tree and let the star to place on the tip, I invite you to change this decoration and instead put balls stars. They can be of felt, of different colors or all of the same tone, of wood or made with paper.

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4 – Put a scarf on your tree

Would you like to give a very funny air to the Christmas decoration? Then change the foam we always put on the tree for a scarf. It can be placed on top, as if to surround an imaginary neck tree, or rolled all the branches in the same way you would put one or tinsel garland lights.

5 – Wooden ornaments

To prevent the balls from falling and breaking the wooden ornaments are an excellent choice. And you have many possibilities. You can put figures allusive to Christmas, as a Santa Claus, a snowman or a few flakes, or just a round ornaments as if they were small slices of logs to give a very special rustic air to your tree.

Decorate the Christmas
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6 – Recharged tree vs. minimalist tree

When decorating the tree you have two main options that we will see in each example. You can, as in the photo center, go for something very variegated, full of balls, lights and streamers, or the opposite, i.e. a minimalist tree in form of fir itself as ornaments employees. Which option do you like best?

7 – Mono-color design

We have already seen how the decorated trees were left blank, but another option is to do the same, i.e. use the same tone, but not the target. For example, gold is very representative of Christmas, but you can also place all the trimmings silver, or blue, or red, or even purple, all very winter colors that we will Chullis in your Christmas decorations.

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