Ideas for decorating with wicker baskets

The wicker baskets are very decorative elements at the same time, they become functional objects as they can also help you maintain order at home. They tend to have a certain rustic air since the wicker is a material that is usually seen in country houses, but surely you can fit them in your home whatever your style. If you follow any of these ideas, you will see how so nice going to decorate your home with these baskets.

decorating with wicker baskets
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Wicker baskets in the living room

A place where the wicker baskets are very beautiful is in the living room. You can use them to keep some children’s toys or small objects from the elderly. You even can serve as a magazine rack. You can put some beside the sofa, for example, and you can even hang them from the wall or put them as auxiliary tables, if they are large and stable.

As flowerpots

Also for the living room, or for any other stay, you can use a wicker basket as a flowerpot. Placed inside the pot with the plant you want and serve to give a special air to the corner where the put. They look great with tall plants, for example.

decorating with wicker baskets
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In the hall

A wicker basket in the hall you can act as umbrella stand, if large enough, and if smaller can put it under the entry cabinet, if you have space, you can even place several of them making a nice composition, or Also some small on the furniture to leave the keys and other objects safe and not loose by the table without any kind of order …

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In the bathroom

One of the rooms where we can draw more decorative baskets is in the bathroom. You can use them to leave dirty clothes, to keep the towels placed on a shelf, or some small hanging on the wall to leave your toilet utensils small size or makeup, for example.

Baskets in the kitchen

How about decorating the kitchen with these rustic baskets so pretty? If you have an island you can place them in the bottom, as a storage system, but they will also be beautiful on some shelves, ideal to store in them cutlery or some jar that is not very nice to look at. Do not forget the wicker chairs in this room!

decorating with wicker baskets
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In the bedroom

These wicker baskets are few in rustic style bedrooms, but also if they are vintage or a more romantic touch. You can choose the shape and size and even color, and save them sheets or blankets, or whatever you need to be well organized room. In addition to being very decorative, they are functional wherever you place them.

Wash zone

If you are lucky enough to have a space for the washing machine and the iron, as in typical American houses, you can place a large wicker basket to leave the laundry there, and place smaller ones on the shelves to keep the clothes clean orderly and organized in different spaces. They give a cozy touch to wash these areas can be very decorative despite being so functional …

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