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Are you new to macramé? Or maybe you are getting more confident in your skills and want some ideas to inspire your work? No matter your level of skill, online macramé blogs are full of fun projects and inspiration which will have you reaching for your S hook in no time.

But first, what is macramé?

Macrame is a very old form of textile-making that consists of tying together different ropes or ‘cords’ into special knots. The end result is beautiful items like wall hangings and other homeware, clothing and accessories.

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As well as being a fun and useful hobby, macramé can also be good for your health. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and support mental wellbeing.

You also don’t need many tools, just a macrame kit, such as the Wool Couture macrame kits that will contain everything you need.

Here are four brilliant macramé blogs that will inspire you to produce fantastic crafts:

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and this is a brilliant blog for beginners. A macrame kit is a fantastic way to learn the ropes, as they contain everything you need, and also normally have instructions. But Macrame for Beginners written by Marloes, a full-time macramé teacher, will give you a blow-by-blow explanation of the theory and craft of macramé, providing you with a really solid foundation on which to grow your skills.

Macra-made is a blog by Susanne, a macramé lover and blogger. Her blog is full of ultra-modern and stylish macramé ideas, including key chains, stunning wreaths, candle jar covers and coasters. will have your home filled with beautiful items in no time.

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Macrame School on YouTube

Great blogs aren’t just written. There are also some fantastic video blogs that are very useful for learning the ropes or developing your skills. Macrame School has over 1.2 million subscribers and posts new patterns and tutorials every week.

This UK-based blog has lots of wonderful seasonal patterns, and also tutorials for children. In addition, it has posts on how to sell your items.

Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews

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