What Happens at a Modern Bar Mitzvah?

In Jewish tradition, the Bar Mitzvah is a milestone when a boy or girl reaches an age when he or she becomes responsible for himself or herself in matters of faith. The bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is a traditional celebration, where the boy or girl is called to the Torah to recite prayers and readings in Hebrew. They also give a speech in which they share lessons they have learned. The boy or girl then becomes a full member of the Jewish community. It’s cause for a big celebration! When you need Bar Mitzvah Cards, go to a site like cazenovejudaica.com/uk/cards/bar-mitzvah

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In ancient times, the bar mitzvah ceremony did not involve singing and dancing. Boys and girls were not expected to chant the Prophetic portion associated with the Torah, nor did they lead the prayer service. But as time went on, the bar mitzvah ceremony became more formal and elaborate, and often rivaled the lavishness of a wedding. While some religious leaders have expressed concern over the excessiveness of these celebrations, many Jewish parents love to give their children a joyous cultural and religious experience to mark this coming of age.

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A Jewish boy becomes a bar mitzvah at the age of 13 and begins to fulfill his religious obligations. At this age, a boy becomes responsible for his actions and has the ability to read Torah for the first time. He also becomes eligible to participate in the Minyan, which consists of ten or more adult Jewish men.


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